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The Many Types of Medical Marijuana Using medical cannabis can be difficult if you are a newbie, especially when it comes to dosing. There are several ways to administer marijuana, and even then, you have to determine how to do it accurately. When you find yourself in a medical cannabis store or online dispensary, you will find that there are several kinds you can purchase, each of them offering relief for different health issues.   Buying the Right Kind of Medical Cannabis for You Medical cannabis comes in all kinds of shapes, forms, styles, and colours. If you smoke or vape, there is a massive selection of strains and flavours online these days. However, some people are not too keen on inhaling vapour. In this case, you can buy tinctures and sprays. Cannabis products also come in the form of food, drinks, and topical options. You will find lots of options in medical marijuana dispensaries.   What are the Different Kinds of Medical Cannabis?

  •     Vapourizers – If you want to use a vapourizer, start by inserting a cartridge, press the button, and inhale the marijuana vapour before blowing it out. It works just like smoking, but without the smoke.
  •     Tinctures and sprays – Tinctures are liquid extractions administered under the tongue or sublingually using a dropper. You can also administer sprays sublingually.
  •     Edibles – Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume medical cannabis. This is a cost-effective and fun option that offers a wide range of tastes and flavours. They come labeled with precise doses for safe and effective experiences.
  •     Topicals – These are balms that you rub on your skin, and they are a great option for those looking for pain relief in a specific area. If the topical cream contains THC, it cannot get you high.

  Find the Perfect Cannabis Type for You The only way you will know the kind of cannabis that works best for you is to try all the options. Edibles, sprays, tinctures, and vapourizer cartridges work differently from each other. Start with a small dose, and wait for the full effects to become apparent before going back for seconds. Remember, even if you overdo it, the effects will wear off within a few hours.