Where to Store Cannabis to Keep It Fresh

Where to Store Cannabis to Keep It Fresh

Cannabis lovers in Canada can now buy weed online in all kinds of incredible strains. Whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid cannabis, you can order all the weed you need for home delivery and store it safely at home. With that said, you’ll want to know where to store your cannabis to keep it fresh.

Storing your cannabis properly has many benefits. It keeps your weed away from heat, light, oxygen, and other elements that can degrade its quality. It also gives your products an extra layer of security. You can even store your weed for months or years if you choose an appropriate storage solution. Here’s a guide on where to store your cannabis for maximum freshness.

Glass Jars

You don’t need a container specifically designed for cannabis to store your weed. In many cases, you probably have something appropriate lying around the house. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to store your marijuana flower strains for maximum freshness is by using a sealable glass jar.

Many people use Mason Jars to store their cannabis, but you can use any kind of glass jar as long as it has a sealable lid. Make sure you thoroughly wash and dry your glass jar before using it – this will prevent mold and other contaminants from ruining your weed. Try to fill your jar as much as possible while still leaving at least an inch of space at the top.

Sealable glass jars are often used for freshly harvested cannabis, especially as they make it easy to check for mold or other problems with your weed. However, you can also use glass jars for store-bought weed to keep it away from dust and contaminants. Just make sure you store it in a drawer or cupboard to stop heat and light from affecting your products.

Cannabis Humidors

While you can use regular household containers to store your weed, some users might want to go a step further. If you’re looking for a high-quality container for your favorite cannabis strains, you might want to consider a cannabis humidor. These containers are designed to keep your weed at peak freshness.

Humidors give your cannabis a cool, dry space to ensure they’re safe from heat, light, and oxygen. What’s more, many include small glass containers inside to give your weed extra protection. Humidors are designed to keep your weed at ideal humidity levels, making it even easier to maintain the quality of your cannabis for a long time.

Although humidors are excellent for keeping your weed fresh, they’re also expensive and don’t give you as much space as other containers. As such, many users might prefer to use a regular glass jar or stash box. Humidors are recommended for cannabis connoisseurs who are serious about keeping their weed at the best quality possible. Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy a cigar humidor – these won’t give your weed the humidity levels it needs.

Stash Boxes

Stash Boxes

Another option for safe and convenient weed storage is to buy a cannabis stash box. These are boxes designed to keep your weed secure while maintaining its freshness. You can also find stash bags, stash jars, and other types of containers for stashing your weed, so pick one that suits your needs.

Stash boxes can come in many materials. For instance, you can find metal, plastic, and glass containers, as well as fabric stash bags. It’s best to go for a high-quality material such as metal or glass – these containers are better at protecting your weed from the elements than plastic or fabric.

Many stash containers are designed to be inconspicuous, making them great for those who need to hide their weed from other people in their homes. Some even have locks. While some of these containers are designed to fit other cannabis accessories like rolling papers and pipes, it’s best to keep your weed separate from other items to ensure peak quality.

Add Boveda Packs

While most containers will help keep your cannabis away from heat, light, air, and other harmful elements, humidity levels can still affect the quality of your weed. If your cannabis storage space is too humid or not humid enough, it could degrade your weed faster. That’s why many cannabis users use humidity packs.

Humidity packs are designed to keep your weed at the best humidity levels possible. This is ideal for ensuring your weed is fresh, potent, and flavorful no matter how long you keep it in storage. What’s more, these packs are affordable and easy to use – simply add one to your container and it’ll do the rest of the work for you.

You can buy Boveda Packs online and add them to your weed jars or containers to maintain the ideal humidity levels. These packs offer 2-way humidity control to keep your weed beautifully fresh. Plus, at just $1 per pack, you can get as many as you need for all your weed storage containers.

Find A Cool, Dry Place

Whether you’re using a glass jar, stash box, or another kind of cannabis container, it’s still important to keep your weed in a cool, dry place. Elements like heat and light can penetrate various kinds of containers, so it’s best to give them an extra layer of protection while also keeping them secure.

Many people store their weed in a lockable drawer or cabinet. That way, they can ensure their weed containers are safe from all kinds of elements. They can also ensure their weed is locked securely so no one else can access it. This is particularly helpful if you have children or live with other people.

Even if you don’t need to store your weed securely, you should put your containers in a drawer, closet, or somewhere else cool, dark, and dry. Simply take your weed out when you need it and put your containers back when you’re done. It’s a helpful way to keep your cannabis fresher for longer.

Find A Cool, Dry Place


These are some of the best tips for storing your cannabis to keep it fresh and potent. Remember to keep your weed in a safe, sealable container. Store your containers in a cool, dry place, and consider adding humidity packs for extra freshness. 

The best way to ensure your weed maintains its potency for as long as possible is to buy high-quality weed from the start. Fortunately, you can find a range of premium strains online at My Green Solution.

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