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Choosing Your Medical Marijuana Product As a newbie, the number of medical cannabis product choices available today may seem a little overwhelming. This is why it is essential to pick a reputable online dispensary to work with. Compassionate and knowledgeable staff create a positive experience from using this wonderful plant. It helps to arm yourself with tips on how to buy effective and potent medical cannabis.   Different Medical Marijuana Strains  The different kinds of cannabis products available are called strains or cultivars. Strains are a classification for the various characteristics and expressions of the species. The product strains represent the intensity of the effects and the particular experience it provides to the consumer. Typically, strains are divided into sativa, indica, and hybrid cultivars.   Main Classifications of Marijuana Strains

  •     Cannabis sativa – These are tall plants from equatorial regions. Sativa varieties are more stimulating and are used to energize or for getting active. Thus, patients like them for conditions like chronic fatigue and depression.
  •     Cannabis indica – Indica plants grow in mountainous regions and are fuller and shorter with denser buds. These varieties are taken for their relaxation benefits, making them a suitable treatment for conditions like chronic pain or insomnia.

·      Cannabis hybrids – Hybrids are cultivated through a combination of sativa and indica plants. The result is a combination of effects from both kinds. There are a wide variety of options, no matter what you may be looking for.