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Why Medical Marijuana Storage is Crucial A perfectly cured medical cannabis flower contains some moisture, but not too much. It’s a fine balance. Keeping a close eye on moisture levels is one of the most important aspects of proper cannabis storage. Just like other consumables like food or wine, there are specific parameters to follow to keep the freshness and quality of your cannabis goods.    Tips for Store Your Medical Marijuana

  •     Keep cannabis at the right temperature – Molds thrive at above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep your cannabis at a lower temperature. Consequently, too much heat can dry out and damage it.
  •     Keep cannabis at an ideal humidity – Moisture content is essential when considering where and how to store marijuana. Too much moisture makes it susceptible to mold, while too little will dry out and weaken the bud’s structure.
  •     Store cannabis in the dark – Keep cannabis out of direct sunlight. The darker the storage space, the better. Ultraviolet rays degrade the marijuana that can lead to cannabinoid deterioration. 
  •     Keep cannabis in airtight containers – The less time marijuana is exposed to oxygen, the slower the degradation over time. To further maximize its longevity, store it in a vacuum-sealed bag.

  How Long Can I Store Medical Cannabis? Cannabis doesn’t have an exact expiry date. It all depends on environmental conditions and the cure of the original flower. As long as you follow the tips above, you can expect your goods to last for up to two years. Essential oils and terpenes will dry out over time, and the THC transforms into non-psychoactive cannabinol. Monitor and control the storage environment to keep your cannabis fresh for months.   The Golden Rule in Marijuana Storage If you are looking into storing your medical cannabis properly, simply remember the acronym CHAD: cool place, humidity controlled, airtight, and darkness. If you find yourself in Chilliwack, British Columbia, seek out a reputable medical marijuana dispensary in your area like My Green Solution. Here, you should find a wide array of weed products and accessories that will cater to your needs.