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Nothing beats the effects, taste, and aroma of weed edibles. They are easy to use as you don’t have to learn new techniques to consume them and all you have to do is eat them as you would any other snack.

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My Green Solution has all types of baked weed edibles that you may be looking for. From the delicious Stoneos to the flavourful Cara-Melts, we have something for your taste and needs.

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What Are Baked Weed Edibles

Baked weed edibles are most people’s introduction to the exciting world of cannabis. You may have heard about weed brownies that have been in existence almost as long as cannabis has.

Baked weed edibles are, just as the name describes, baked edibles with THC infused to provide the high and the benefits of cannabis. Baked THC edibles are virtually the same as regular cookies but possess the power of weed.

How To Use Baked THC Weed 

Baked weed edibles are some of the easiest cannabis products to use. All you have to do is eat them as you would normal cookies and wait for the effects.

Weed edibles may have a slight delay when delivering effects, but once they kick in, they can have you in the clouds for 6 plus hours! Don't believe it? Try our tasty and potent baked weed edibles today and enjoy the power of THC in regular, easy-to-use snacks!

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