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Do You Want to Buy Medical Marijuana? Buying medical cannabis can be a little intimidating for newbies. If you plan on buying medical marijuana for the first time, it is important to do your own research. This way, you will know the right suppliers and even learn how to perform quality checks. Luckily in Canada, you don’t need to get a prescription before you buy medical marijuana.   Do You Need a Medical Cannabis Prescription?  Long ago in Canada, you could only find medical cannabis through federally licensed programs. These days it’s easier than ever to find recreational and medical cannabis without prescriptions. Still, even if you don’t need a prescription from a licensed health professional, their advice can help. Ask your doctor for advice on dosing, method of administration, and interactions with other drugs if you are worried about the effects of medical cannabis.   Research on Marijuana Dispensaries Near You How many medical dispensaries are near you? Chances are, if there is one, it doesn’t have everything you need. If you live in a rural community or a dry neighbourhood, what are you going to do? If you cannot find one in your area, another option is to look for online dispensaries that serve your location. The benefits of shopping online for medical cannabis are the prices, the selection, and the quality.   Why Do You Need Medical Marijuana? Patients use medical cannabis for a host of purposes. But one of its main uses is to manage chronic pain and deal with anxiety. Experiencing chronic pain following an accident or from a disease can be a challenge. Rather than taking conventional pain medication, why not try marijuana to keep you calm and the pain under control? Your dispensary should know the right strain and dosage to cater to your needs.