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Nelson, British Columbia

The Two Main Marijuana Strains Cannabis use is legal in Canada for both recreational and medical purposes. We also see a growing interest in the various effects that each strain exhibits. Indica and sativa are the two main species of cannabis. They both share several similar features but also have their own set of distinct and specific differences.   Correcting Common Cannabis Misconceptions  Anecdotal evidence and cannabis dispensaries claim that sativa is more calming and indica is more energizing, but some experts say these statements can be misleading. Many more factors come into play for the medical and recreational effects than strain alone.    Cannabis Indica vs. Cannabis Sativa
  •     Cannabis indica. This strain originated in the Middle East in places like Tibet, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It has a higher CBD content than sativa and is an effective pain reliever as it gives a relaxing and flat high.
  •     Cannabis sativa. This strain comes from warmer areas of the world like Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Generally, it gives a more creative and energizing high. It is helpful for people with nausea, headaches, depression, and appetite loss. 
  Getting Know Marijuana Hybrids These days, there are more hybrids than pure indicas or pure sativas. Growers love to breed hybrids to create very specific effects and growing patterns. Many of the most famous strains today, from Gelato to Gorilla Glue, are well-established hybrids. Hybrids bridge the world between sativas and indicas for beautiful effects.