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Newfoundland, Canada

The Medical Cannabis Revolution Medical cannabis is the newest revolutionary resource in the healthcare industry that is quickly growing in popularity worldwide. The gradual easing of laws around this amazing plant has allowed experts to finally study the benefits. Today, medical marijuana has proven to impact certain medical conditions in a positive way.   Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain The two main chemicals found in medical marijuana – CBD and THC – have affected the way individuals feel pain. CBD appears to reduce the sensations right at the source, while THC influences receptors in our nervous system to change the way we experience pain. This makes cannabis effective for patients with diseases like arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.   How Else Can Marijuana Help You?
  •     Reduce swelling – People who have arthritis and other similar conditions that cause swelling have reported that cannabis effectively reduces these symptoms, leading to improved physical movement.
  •     Production of dopamine – The CBD in cannabis prompts dopamine production in the body. Dopamine creates feelings of contentment and relaxation that help combat depression and anxiety.
  •     Treat muscle spasms – Patients who have Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and other similar conditions have reported a reduction of their symptoms with cannabis, easing their quality of life.
  •     Ease eating disorders – Cannabis is known to give users the so-called munchies. Its CBD component can also prompt dopamine production for improved mood.
  How to Obtain Medical Marijuana There are a few ways for you to get your hands on this healing plant. But if convenience is what you are after, consider skipping the conventional brick and mortar store and get your supplies online instead. Several reputable medical cannabis dispensaries offer a wide array of marijuana products and accessories that promise to give you the best possible medical cannabis experience.