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A Cannabis Strain for Every Condition Do you find it overwhelming to start a new medical treatment? You have probably wondered how to pick the right strain or use your chosen product to get the best possible results. Read on as we talk about finding the right medical cannabis strain that best caters to your unique condition and needs.   Understanding Marijuana Strains Before choosing the best strain, it is important first to understand the various categories. Different cannabis strains are similar to different ice cream flavors; they are all part of the ice cream family but have different tastes and sensations depending on how they were made. The main subspecies of cannabis plants are sativa, indica, and hybrid.   Three Main Cannabis Strains
  •     Sativa. This strain produces an energizing effect commonly experienced as “head high.” Generally speaking, sativas have higher THC, the cannabinoid responsible for giving the high effects.
  •     Indica. Creating full-body relaxation, it is usually suggested for sleeping and chronic pain. Indicas often have a higher level of cannabinol, which is known to give a calming effect.
  •     Hybrid. This strain is made with a combination of both indica and sativa to create a new strain. Hybrids produce a more balanced combination of indica and sativa effects.
  How to Consume Medical Cannabis Vaping and smoking are two of the most common methods for consuming medical marijuana, but not the only methods. If you want to preserve your respiratory tract, why not try edibles, capsules, or oral sprays? Don’t forget about bath bombs, topicals, and other external options, which deliver benefits without the high.