Best Shatter Weed To Buy In Canada

You’ll love a shatter concentrate if you enjoy the delectable aroma and scent profile of individual cannabis strains.

Cannabis shatter is cannabis concentrate produced by dissolving plant matter into a solvent to extract useful cannabinoids and discard plant materials.

The result is a glass-like extract that tends to shatter when snapped. Shatter weed can sometimes take on a transparent hue or varying tints and tones of amber, yellow and gold.

Shater has recently surged in popularity, and it’s clear why. For one, its breathtaking appearance, reminiscent of artistically created stained glass, makes it photo-worthy, so it constantly graces the social media pages of cannabis enthusiasts.

Secondly, because shatter weed is essentially a concentrated form of cannabinoid, by dabbing it, you get a potent, fast-acting high highlighted by the intense weed flavours and aromas thanks to the intact terpenes.

When you buy THC shatter at My Green Solution, you access the widest selection of shatter concentrate that promises you potent psychoactive punches every time.

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Cannabis Shatter THC Effects

The best and most popular way to consume cannabis shatter is by dabbing a morsel of it. You can also mix the concentrate with your flower to enjoy a more potent toking session.

With both methods, the onset of effects will be swift and hard. In about 2 to 10 minutes, THC shatter effects will wash over your body, thrusting you into a state of absolute euphoria.

Then, depending on your tolerance level and how much cannabis shatter you dabbed, you'll feel the psychoactive effects for the next one to three hours.

Where To Get Shatter Concentrate Online In Canada

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With our 3G MIX & MATCH, you get to pick your favourite shatter flavours and buy them in a package deal.

You can also buy individual shatter products like our GOLDEN MONKEY EXTRACTS – SHATTER.