AAAA Weed – BC Cannabis

AAAA weed is considered top-shelf quality BC cannabis. It has bold flavours, aromas, potency, and appearance.

With this top tier quality flower you will notice different kinds of colourful hairs in the bud, with lots of crystals of strong trichomes.

When you buy AAAA weed budget buds online at this grade, you will find they are highly pungent, with a strong aroma and taste.

AAAA Weed THC Levels

Expect our AAAA weed to be more potent because of its higher THC levels and higher terpenoid content. If you’re looking to get really high, then this is the weed for you!

This grade of “Quad A” weed online has THC levels that promise a truly exquisite high because they average around 20%.

What is Quad A Weed?

AAAA weed is the top of its class, with THC levels higher than other grades. Quad A marijuana can be very expensive because it has an especially high amount in trichomes- these are tiny hairs that cover your buds and give them their signature look.

To maintain such fine potency (and thus value), all plants need special care; you might even notice some small fuzzy trichomes at each end if they’re preserved properly.

Those who want a flavourful and robust high should buy this weed online. 

What’s Quad A Weed High Like?

Consisting of thick hairy buds with visible trichomes that are green or yellow-orange coloured depending on the strain’s genetics, Quad A weed offers an exquisite experience when smoked.

The grade of weed online in Canada guarantees a stoner a long-lasting pronounced high, making AAAA grade weed the best choice for both recreational and medicinal use.

If you’re not a seasoned weed smoker, handle this weed with care as it can send your mind into an enlightening experience that might be difficult for newbies to keep their buzz discreet from others who do smoke regularly.

Quad A is known mostly by professional weed smokers due to its strong effects which leads people straight into a Buddha state without any warning signs or gentle beginnings like other weed varieties do.

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GRADE: AAAA | HYBRID $40.00$220.00