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Proper Dosing with Cannabis is Important If you have been looking to experience the benefits of medical cannabis but have not tried it before, you have come to the right place. Unlike traditional prescription medications, where they come with inserts showing specific dosage instructions, medical cannabis can be ambiguous. What dose should you start with? What strain? What route of delivery? It is time to learn the ropes.   Do Your Research on Medical Cannabis While you wait for your medical cannabis supplies, spend this time learning as much as you can about the plant. You’ll want to understand the endocannabinoid system, the individual cannabinoids, and dose size. Read on to learn some tips on how to have a good medical marijuana experience.   Recommendations for New Cannabis Users

  •     Dose carefully. Trial and error are necessary to determine what works best for you. For first-timers, start with a small dose and wait for a while before taking more. A small dose is usually 5 mg of THC.
  •     Document usage. Write down the name of the product, your dose, benefits, and side effects. This will help you keep track of products that do not work for you and those that do.
  •     Proper storage. Store marijuana in a safe place, away from children, pets, and unsuspecting adults. Treat cannabis like any medication.
  •     Understand side effects. When buying cannabis for the first time, look for options with high CBD to minimize undesirable side effects.

  Using Medical Marijuana the Right Way  ​New cannabis users should consider using products at nighttime or before sleeping to limit adverse side effects. First-timers should avoid taking THC-rich products during the day to avoid the possibility of side effects that can impair you for the rest of the day. Take your first dose with someone around to help you if you start to feel uncomfortable.