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The Long History of Cannabis Use People have used cannabis to treat specific conditions and illnesses for thousands of years. The first documented use of cannabis for medicinal purposes dates back to 2737 BC in China. Over the last few thousand years, cannabis spread into many different cultures for religious and medicinal purposes. Science is slowly coming on board and finding evidence for these historical applications.   How Can Marijuana Help My Needs? The two main cannabinoids in cannabis are called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The former is responsible for that high and euphoric feeling you feel after consuming cannabis, while the latter is responsible for feelings of pain relief and calmness.    What are the Benefits of Medical Cannabis?

  •     Marijuana helps against Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show that chemicals found in marijuana can help treat dementia. Early evidence shows THC can remove dangerous proteins linked to the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease from our brain cells. 
  •     Marijuana reduces spasms and seizures. Medical cannabis is effective for people suffering from epilepsy and seizure attacks. Marijuana users reported a drop in their seizure episodes by up to 40 percent following the use of CBD-rich formulas. 
  •     Marijuana prevents neuropathic pain damage. One example of neural damage happens when the body’s immune system attacks the central nervous system. Cannabis can help treat this condition because it prevents the body from attacking its own systems by soothing aggressive inflammatory responses.

  Legalizing Medical Marijuana Use Journals like the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, the American Journal of Clinical Oncology, and the Journal of Pain, among others, have shown the many significant benefits associated with medical cannabis use across a wide range of health conditions and demographics. Today, there are more than 30 countries that have legalized its use, and we can only expect this number to go higher. In Canada, we are lucky to have access to medical and recreational cannabis.