Cannabis concentrates are popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs for their pure flavor and taste and heightened potency. As extractions from the cannabis plant consumers are treated to the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes, without the flower material.

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What Are The Types of Cannabis Concentrates?

Browse below for the most popular THC concentrates for sale at our online weed dispensary in Canada. Shop for cannabis concentrate products like Shatter, Crumble, Live Resin, and Oil.

We also sell Dabs, which can also be referred to as cannabis concentrates and come in several different shapes, sizes and forms.

What Type of THC Concentrate is Best For Doing Dabs?

These are just a few of the best THC concentrates we’d recommend you use with your dab rig:


This concentrate has long been one of the most popular choices when it comes to potent and flavorful cannabis extracts. Shatter is a type of concentrate that looks like a thin, amber piece of glass.


This is another popular type of cannabis concentrate that’s amazing for dabbing. It’s made using a similar extraction process to Shatter. However, the extracts must then be vigorously and continuously whipped to produce their rare, butter-like consistency


These concentrates are known by many names, such as Cannabis Wax, Honey Oil, or Butane Hash Oil. Whichever way, these concentrates are highly-regarded by dabbing enthusiasts as they can give you potent effects and are easy to scoop and use thanks to their liquid-like consistency.


Rosin is a particularly interesting type of concentrate known for its exceptionally simple method of extraction. This concentrate can be made with household tools simply by applying enough heat and pressure to cannabis buds, as opposed to using expensive lab equipment.

Live Resin:

While most types of concentrates provide potent levels of THC, Live Resin beats them all when it comes to flavor. Not only do Live Resin dabs pack plenty of THC, but they also contain extra-high levels of terpenoids thanks to the unique extraction process used to make them.

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