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How to Spot High-Grade Cannabis From Lower-Quality Products

How to Spot High-Grade Cannabis From Lower-Quality Products

Buying cannabis is an experience in itself. Every strain offers unique effects, a different smell, and even distinctive tastes. What’s more, even different batches of the same strain can vary in quality. Experienced cannabis users often look for the highest-quality weed possible, so it helps to know how to spot high-grade cannabis from lower-quality products.

Cannabis strains are often graded based on factors such as smell, taste, appearance, and texture. Beginner users and non-fussy stoners might not care about these things, but cannabis connoisseurs may want to ensure they’re getting the finest products possible. Here’s a guide on how to distinguish high-grade cannabis from lower-quality weed.

Potency And Effects

One of the biggest appeals of buying high-quality cannabis is that it can give you phenomenal effects. High-grade weed comes from the best batches and is stored to ensure it remains fresh and potent for as long as possible. As such, these strains are often more potent than lower-quality strains.

A high-grade weed strain will likely retain more of its lush, crystal-like trichomes. Trichomes are where the cannabinoids in each strain are stored, so these strains will likely feel more potent when you smoke or vape them. You might even notice subtle differences in the effects. For instance, you might find them more relaxing or better for boosting your creativity.

This doesn’t mean that low-grade weed won’t be potent. Many lower-quality strains still pack a punch, despite not being as colorful or flavorful. However, veteran cannabis users often take these small differences more seriously and, as such, may want to invest in high-grade weed strains instead.

Taste And Aroma

Aroma is one of the most noticeable aspects that separates high-grade weed from low-grade weed. Not only do higher-quality products possess more potent trichomes, but they’ll also be packed with terpenoids. These compounds are responsible for giving each strain its unique aroma and taste.

The aroma of a high-grade cannabis strain that’s packed with terpenes will be much more noticeable. While low-quality weed can still smell good, the smell will be weaker. What’s more, you might miss out on some of the subtle notes that make each strain distinctive and memorable.

High-grade cannabis strains will also be more flavorful. When you smoke these strains, you’ll be treated to powerful flavors along with potent effects. Vaping high-quality weed strains can bring out even more of their flavor, so you might want to invest in a dry herb vaporizer to ensure you get the most out of your products.

High Grade Cannabis Appearance


If you’re a regular cannabis user, you might have heard the term “bag appeal” before. Bag appeal refers to the appeal of each product while it’s still inside the bag. While aroma and taste play a part in this, the appearance of each strain is especially important. Sometimes you can even tell the quality of a strain simply by looking at it.

High-grade cannabis strains will be noticeably more colorful than low-grade strains. The greens, yellows, oranges, and other colors will pop vibrantly in top-shelf strains, whereas lower-quality strains will often look more pale. Better color can sometimes be an indicator that your strain is fresher and more potent.

With high-quality strains, you’ll also notice denser buds and more trichome coverage. If your strain is packed with fresh, crystal-like trichomes, it’ll likely offer better effects than a lower-quality strain with less trichome coverage. As such, cannabis connoisseurs often seek the best-looking cannabis they can find.

How It Feels

Another way to distinguish high-grade weed from low-grade weed is to check how it feels. Texture is a surefire way to tell high-grade cannabis apart from low-quality products. While the appearance of a strain can tell you a lot, checking how the strain feels can give you a much better idea of how good it is.

Compared to high-grade weed, low-quality weed is often much more brittle. It might fall apart easily in your hands or simply feel more lifeless. You’ll also notice more stems and leaves with low-quality weed – these can impact the quality of your smoking sessions, so you might want to buy high-grade weed instead.

In contrast, high-quality weed often feels great from the get-go. High-grade weed strains will often be stickier due to their impressive trichome coverage. They’ll also feel much stronger compared to brittle low-quality strains. With that said, you shouldn’t spend too much time assessing high-grade weed with your hands – it’s better to keep its quality and appeal intact before you smoke it.

Where To Buy High-Grade Cannabis

You won’t always know how good your cannabis is until you’ve bought it, assessed its taste, and experienced the effects. As such, you should make sure you buy high-grade cannabis from a trustworthy dispensary. Fortunately, cannabis users all over Canada can buy high-quality weed online at My Green Solution.

Cannabis connoisseurs who want the best weed possible can check out our range of AAAA strains and AAA+ strains. These products offer powerful flavors and alluring aromas. They also offer potent effects. Various top-shelf strains are available, so whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid strains, there’s a suitable option for you.

You don’t always need to buy the highest-graded strains. We also offer a selection of potent and flavorful AAA strains. While they might not boast the same bag appeal, they’ll still give you an excellent smoking or vaping experience. Even AA strains can be just as satisfying for users who are less fussy about the smell, flavor, and appearance of their weed.

Where To Buy High-Grade Cannabis


Learning how to spot high-grade cannabis from lower-quality products can often help you buy better weed. High-grade strains are generally colorful, flavorful, aromatic, and potent. Lower-quality strains will often be lacking in color, aroma, and freshness, but they can still offer strong effects.

Whether you should buy top-shelf weed or not is down to your preferences. Experienced cannabis users often find they’re more satisfied when getting the most colorful and aromatic weed possible. Other users are less concerned about bag appeal as long as the strain offers enjoyable effects. No matter what kind of weed you’re looking for, you can find what you need online at My Green Solution.

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