Weed Small Buds -Popcorn Buds

Weed small buds or popcorn buds are petite, cheap buds available from online weed dispensaries in Canada like My Green Solution.

As the name suggests, weed small buds (popcorn buds) are about as big as popped kernels. Because these small buds lack the show stopping quality of quads, small bud as mail-order products come at greatly discounted prices. 

Nevertheless, small buds deliver the same exceptional quality as the larger flower, just in a smaller package.

They are a great choice for medical cannabis patients who want the benefits of top-tier weed but without paying the price.

Small marijuana buds for sale are an affordable way to get the medicine you need without breaking the bank.

Why Buy Popcorn Buds?

For the money-conscious cannabis consumer looking for a fantastic deal on top quality bud, popcorn nugs and weed small buds are an excellent choice. You get all of this beautiful flower without paying too much!

The best way to make sure you don’t run out of weed small buds is by making a monthly budget for popcorn nugs and sticking with it.

When shopping to buy weed online, it’s important to know how much you have to spend.

Understanding your options when buying cheap weed from an online dispensary in Canada can help save a lot of time in finding high-quality weed online while still sticking within budget.

How Are Popcorn Buds Made?

The process of cultivating cannabis is a delicate one, with producers always looking for ways they can improve the quality and yield from each plant.

This means ensuring enough space between plants so as not to crowd them or allow other variables such as rain/water damage which may affect both bud production but also Pathogenicity (the ability to avoid infection).

When you grow cannabis, it’s important to give each part of the plant enough light and water.

When that happens, your plant’s colas (the upper branches) will be decorated with fat dank buds glittering THC as well terpenes which produce an aroma unique only found in cannabis.

The lower parts of the plant, especially areas close to soil will not receive enough light or water.

As a result these shaded branches produce airy smaller buds instead dense dank flowers.

These are weed small buds also known as popcorn buds.

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