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The Unfortunate Image of Marijuana We all know that cannabis has long had a negative image after being stereotyped as addictive and largely illegal. Users of marijuana were seen as criminals and dangers to law-abiding citizens. This stereotype stemmed from news media, movies, and politicians campaigning for votes.    Giving Cannabis Its Due Recognition  Thanks to the fields of medicine, science, and healthcare, it turns out that cannabis is not only safe but it’s also medicinally beneficial. It appears that marijuana will finally get the recognition it deserves. It will take a while for wholesale public acceptance of cannabis for medical use, but social change is coming.    How Healthy is Medical Cannabis?

  •     Cannabis lowers glaucoma risk. Research has shown that cannabis may control glaucoma by lowering the pressure in the eye. It seems to be dose-related and cannabinoid-specific, so patients will want to speak with a physician on how to use medical cannabis for glaucoma.
  •     Cannabis reduces stress disorders. People who regularly use marijuana usually do so to reduce anxiety and stress. Medical marijuana is effective in relaxing the mind and releasing hormones that produce a relaxing and calming effect on patients.
  •     Cannabis prevents cancers and tumors. Cannabinoids in cannabis can reduce tumor growth in the body and prevent cancers from spreading. Marijuana has also been shown to slow down the growth and multiplication process of unhealthy calls.

  More Future Research for Cannabis Numerous health benefits are casting cannabis in a more positive light. Along with changing social norms and open regulation, cannabis is entering the mainstream. Surely, in a few years, we can only expect more detailed research, including robust clinical trials. Until then, patients must rely on the advice of their physicians and recommendations from friends.