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An Effective Alternative Medicine for Pain Have you tried all the conventional pain medication without any results? Or maybe you are looking for an alternative that does not have unpleasant side effects? You are in luck. There is one alternative medicine with quick and effective results: medical cannabis.   Why Use Medical Cannabis for Pain? For centuries, marijuana has been used by ancient people to relieve them of their aches and pains, among many other medical conditions. One of the benefits of medicating with a natural plant like cannabis is that you are spared from unpleasant side effects. Some dangerous side effects from conventional drugs include the potential for addiction, which is very common among opioid drugs.    Top Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain
  •     Northern Lights. A popular indica strain, Northern Lights has gained global recognition and has won several awards. It gives mental relaxation, making it the perfect choice to unwind after a long day.
  •     Harlequin. If you are not into THC-dominant strains, then Harlequin is a good pick to give you pain-relieving effects quickly. Because it has a high CBD content, the effects are pleasant and mild.
  •     Master Kush. This is a popular indica strain for sleeping despite the pain. It has high THC levels, so it is very potent. Thus, proper dosing is crucial even if you only plan on using it before bedtime. 
  •     Afghan Kush. This strain is great for soothing nerve pain. It is a great choice for beginners. You can also use this if you do not like indica strains or if it is your first time trying it. 
  Best Way to Take Medical Cannabis? Now that you have picked the right strain for you, it is now time to determine the best consumption method. There are lots of ways to consume your favourite medical cannabis product. You can inhale, ingest or apply it topically. Any reputable medical marijuana dispensary should help you determine the best one for your specific condition and needs.