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The great thing about the products is that when you buy BC weed online in Canada, you get locally sourced BC cannabis products.

Marijuana has always been part of the British Columbia culture. It is easy to come by, meaning it is just about everywhere. 

Due to legalization, buying weed online in Canada has increased in popularity with more people looking to explore this amazing excellent plant for their recreational or medicinal purposes.

Cannabis is legal in British Columbia, so it can be pretty tricky to find the right online dispensary when you want to buy BC weed online

If you want something other than flower, like cannabis concentrates, then My Green Solution is the right weed shop for you.

You can get shatter, live resin, cheap ounces and a lot more, from the potent cannabis products in our BC online dispensary.

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Buy Weed From A BC Dispensary Online

British Colombia is a western province in Canada, it is bordered by the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. With over 36,000 km of coastline, British Columbia is large enough that it stretches from glaciers to beaches.

 It has more than 2,000 lakes within its boundaries. As one of the most diverse regions in Canada, British Columbia has 4 official languages: Chinese, Punjabi, French and English. That’s a lot of diverse people who may be looking to buy potent BC weed online!

If you live in British Columbia or are just visiting and don’t know where to buy BC weed online, you can simply order weed online from My Green Solution as this mail order marijuana online weed dispensary has everything you need when you want to buy weed.

Considering that we order almost everything we need online, it makes perfect sense to buy BC weed online. You get a tracking code, so you are always informed of when your products will be available to you.

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BC Weed Online: Is Weed Legal In British Columbia?

Marijuana became legal in British Columbia and Canada on October 17, 2018. 

This means that you can order weed online in Canada from an online weed dispensary for both recreational and medicinal purposes. You can order cannabis online so long as you are at least 19 years old.

And while cannabis has been legal for a couple of years now, quite a lot of people still prefer to buy their weed in private. 

When you buy Canadian weed online in British Columbia, you ensure that you get the best quality cannabis products at extremely competitive prices. With My Green Solution, you never have to leave home, you can simply order cannabis online.

The process to buy Canadian weed online from a BC online dispensary is easy. 

You simply provide information such as your shipping address, so the dispensary understands where to ship your products and an email address through which you can be contacted. 

This enables you to know the status of your marijuana products. At My Green Solution, our mail order dispensary will offer discounts which mean bigger savings than if you were to buy weed locally. 

Not only does this reduce transport costs but there’s no risk involved when delivering packages so everyone wins!

Sesh Spots: Places To Explore While In British Columbia

It can be said that British Columbia is Canada’s most dramatic and varied province – since it houses forested archipelagos, snow-blanketed mountain ranges, and sophisticated cities such as Vancouver. 

There is so much to do and see, so you don’t have to worry about where you can enjoy your high after you order weed online from a BC online dispensary.

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Explore Vancouver

Vancouver, known as Rain City is the urban heart of British Columbia. It offers a contrast of mist-skirted mountains against glassy skylines. If exploring the postcard-worthy mountains aren’t your speed, you can enjoy Vancouver’s food markets, historical neighbourhoods and parks.

You can create some time to visit Stanley Park, after you visit the weed store. There you can enjoy a vast green sprawl, covered with gold-sand beaches, iconic totem poles and an aquarium. 

If that isn’t for you, you can head over to Granville Island Market, which is home to breweries, artisanal deli counters and street food stalls.

After you get your mail order marijuana, you can head over to the historic Gastown district, which offers a step back in time thanks to its cobblestone streets.

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Visit Victoria

While Vancouver is the first port of call for most people that visit British Columbia to buy weed, Victoria should be on your list.

The province’s historical capital is named for Queen Victoria and was established during her reign. The city is full of landmark buildings that wouldn’t be out of place in a European capital. 

And while its architecture is venerable, Victoria has a young, student-heavy demographic.

This means there are a plethora of cosy pubs and cool coffee shops for you to enjoy your mail order marijuana in.

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, BC, Canada. BC Cannabis. Online dispensary for mail order weed online Canada.

Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park is another place for you to explore while in British Columbia. It is located in the spine of the Rocky Mountains in the eastern part of the province.

Described as a wonderland of waterfalls, dizzying hike trails and glacial lakes, this is the perfect spot for those that love exploring the outdoors.

You can even camp out in the park, however, you should be aware that there are grizzly bears in the park, so take every precaution.

Tofino, BC. Buy BC cannabis and BC weed online from My Green Solution online dispensary.


Located on Vancouver Island’s western shore, pretty Tofino can be described as the last spot of civilization before venturing out into the open pacific. 

The fact that on the other end of the large expanse is Japan adds a bit of natural magic to this beautiful place. It is a spot where artists, surfers and those looking to live off the land have created a community. 

If this sounds like the community for you, then Tofino is the perfect place to explore after you buy weed from the online weed dispensary Canada.

As you can see, there are a plethora of things you can do when you purchase BC weed online. 

Not only do you get to buy Canadian weed online from the best Canadian online dispensary, but you also get to witness all that British Columbia has to offer.