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How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates

How To Properly Store Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are ideal for cannabis consumers looking for potent, flavorful cannabis. These products contain extra high levels of THC and often pack plenty of terpenes, making for some particularly enjoyable smoking or vaping sessions. But if you want your concentrates to maintain their quality for as long as possible, you should know how to properly store cannabis concentrates.

Just like with cannabis flower, storage is important when it comes to cannabis concentrates. Although they can stay potent for a long time, proper storage will ensure you keep them at peak quality for even longer. Plus, with the right methods of storage, you can keep your dabs strong and fresh without much effort. Here’s a guide on how to properly store cannabis concentrates.

Silicone Jars

Using silicone jars is one of the best ways to properly store cannabis concentrates. These containers are excellent for keeping your dabs away from heat, light, moisture, and other elements that might harm their quality. On top of that, concentrates don’t stick to silicone, meaning it’s easy to take your concentrates out when you need them.

If you want to store your concentrates in silicone containers, make sure you choose an appropriate size. Ideally, you’ll want a sealable silicone container that doesn’t leave much extra space – these will help prevent oxygen from degrading your concentrates. You can find small silicone jars specifically designed for concentrates.

Although silicone is a great material for storing your concentrates, silicone jars are best for short-term to medium-term storage. Those who want to store their concentrates for months will probably want to use a different method. With that said, storing your concentrates in a silicone jar and placing them in a cool, dry place can keep them fresh for a week or two.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are always a good option for cannabis fans. Many people store their favorite cannabis flower strains in glass jars as it helps keep them away from dust and moisture. It also allows them to see their products and ensure no problems are developing. Glass jars are also a good option for cannabis concentrate storage.

It’s important to choose a glass jar with a sealed top. Many people use Mason jars to store their cannabis products. However, you should also try to find a small glass jar as you don’t want to leave much extra space. If you can’t fill your jar enough, you might want to use a smaller container for your concentrates.

Although glass jars keep your cannabis products safe from certain elements, heat and light can still affect your products if you leave your jars out in the open. As such, if you’re storing your concentrates in glass containers, make sure you store the containers in a cool, dry place with no heat, light, or moisture.

Storing Cannabis Concentrates in Glass Jars

Parchment Paper

If you need a quick and easy short-term storage solution for cannabis concentrates, parchment paper can help. Many people simply wrap their shatter, hash, wax, and other dabs in high-quality parchment paper to keep them away from dust, light, moisture, and other elements that can reduce their quality.

When you’re not using your dabs, simply wrap them tightly in some parchment paper and unwrap them when you’re ready to use them again. This works better for solid dabs than sticky, oily extracts. If you’re using your dabs regularly and only need to store them for a day or so, you might not need much more than parchment paper.

For longer-term storage, you should use other storage methods such as a glass or silicone jar. However, you can still use parchment paper to better maintain the quality of your products. For instance, you can wrap your leftover shatter in parchment paper and store it in a glass or silicone container – this gives it an extra layer of protection.

In The Freezer

If you’re storing your concentrates for days or weeks, it’s better to use a silicone container or glass jar. However, if you want to store your high-quality cannabis concentrates for months, you might want to consider the freezer. Storing cannabis products in the freezer isn’t always recommended due to the temperature and moisture. However, it can work well for the long-term storage of extracts.

Before storing your cannabis concentrates in the freezer, you should wrap them in parchment paper and put the wrapped concentrates in a sealable freezer bag. Make sure the bag is vacuum-sealed and airtight – this will avoid your concentrates being affected by moisture and air. You might also want to place the sealed bag inside another container.

You can keep your concentrates in the freezer for a long time if you store them correctly. When you take them out, make sure to let them reach room temperature before unwrapping them. This will prevent the moisture from affecting your dabs. Once defrosted and dry, you can unpackage your concentrates and use them.

Away From Heat And Light

Whether you’re storing your cannabis products in glass jars, silicone containers, or parchment paper, you should still make sure you’re keeping them away from harmful elements. Heat and light can reduce the quality of your extracts even when inside a container. As such, you should always make sure to store your products in a cool, dry place.

After placing your concentrates in a container or wrapping them in parchment paper, put them somewhere cool and dry like a cupboard or drawer. This makes it easy to keep your products away from heat, light, and moisture, meaning they’ll maintain their quality for longer.

Storing your concentrates away from heat and light is one of the most important steps to properly store your cannabis concentrates. As such, make sure you never slack on this. Whether you’re storing your concentrates for days, weeks, or months, find a suitable place to keep them safe and fresh.

Storing Cannabis Concentrates Away From Heat And Light


Learning how to properly store cannabis concentrates will keep your products fresher for longer. Your dabs will stay potent and flavorful, ensuring that you have a phenomenal experience every time you use them.

The best way to ensure your cannabis concentrates maintain their quality is to buy high-quality products from the get-go. You can find a range of top-notch cannabis extracts online at My Green Solution.

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