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Best Weed Strains in Canada

Best Weed Strains in Canada

Canada is now the world leader in growing top-quality cannabis. When browsing through online dispensaries, the choice is almost limitless.

From indica to sativa to hybrid buds — each with their own unique character — the Canadian weed market blooms like never before.

Are you curious what weed strains do Canadians love the most? Here at my Green Solution, we’ve mapped out a list of the best marijuana flowers in Canada according to our customers.

The 10 Best Weed Strains in Canada

Our ranking combines the finest-grade cannabis strains, both the classic varieties and the less common genetics. As it turns out, Canadian prefer to toke indicas or indica-dominant hybrids. But worry not — we’ve also got some killer sativa flowers on the list.

1. Purple Space Cookies (PSC)

Purple Space Cookies is a mysterious but very desired strain. This fine addition to the Girl Scout Cookies family, the bud is a particularly popular choice among buyers in Western Canada, which is home to the more famous versions of this flower. 

Purple Space Cookies is believed to be a cross between the Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies — this version was born and bred in British Columbia. It boasts an impressive average THC content of 25%, being a challenging bud even for experienced users.

Purple Space Cookies

The strain has a gorgeous bag appeal, with densely packed buds threaded through with caramel pistils and shades of purple here and there. These nuggets have a beautiful coating of crystal trichomes, which is indicative of the PSC potency.

The experience provided by Purple Space Cookies is all about utter relaxation. Novice smokers may find it more sedative than experienced consumers. But in the right hands, the strain can also encourage sociability, making it a decent daytime treat. You can also use it to wind down a bit after a long day and indulge in the grape vapor this variety provides.

Because of its exceptionally relaxing properties, the Purple Space Cookies cannabis strain is often the flower of choice for people suffering from chronic pain and stress.

2. Mango Sapphire

To say that Mango Sapphire is a potent strain would be a big understatement. The strain boasts an impressive THC content up to 23%. Bred by Humboldt Seed Organization, the flower is a complex indica-dominant cross with OG Kush, Bubba’s Gift, and Afghani as parents.

Appearance-wise, Mango Sapphire shows all the best features of its indica genes. It has a dense bud structure; the buds are forest-green and contrast beautifully with its snow-white trichomes and amber pistils. 

Once you break up these resinous nuggets, you’ll be immediately hit by the strain’s stunning aroma of exotic fruits like mango, citrus, and coconut. The aroma carries over to Mango Sapphire’s flavor. The smoke is dense and may cause novice smokers to cough, but once you manage to handle its weight, it turns out deliciously sweet.

Due to the heavy indica influence (85%), Mango Sapphire lends to a very sedative, stoney high that is perfect for evening use or right before bed. It clears the mind while relieving your muscles from stress-related cramps. Many medical cannabis patients use it to combat anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and pain.

Mango Sapphire also induces a serious case of munchies, which makes it great for fighting the loss of appetite and numerous eating disorders.

Purple OG

3. Purple OG

Purple OG is one of the best medical weed strains in Canada. It owes its popularity to a well-rounded set of effects and medical benefits. It might not be the easiest strain to cultivate, but the generous yields are worth the extra patience.

The Purple OG cannabis strain is a potent cross between Purple Kush and Cali OG Kush. Both parents descend from the evergreen Hindu Kush flower. 

Purple OG is marked by its dense buds which have an earthy-green color, with delicate notes of purple among the abundance of orange hairs. The buds are coated with a generous layer of resin and crystal-like trichomes.

Smelling the Purple OG hybrid is a one-of-a-kind experience. The bud is redolent of earth and sour pine, with noticeable hints of berries running through your nostrils. Given this, this isn’t the most discreet bud to smoke in public.

When smoked, the sweet, alluring fragrance gives the front seat to fruity and hash-like flavors, bringing out sweet and citrusy notes of grape accentuated by sugary sweetness tickling your throat.

Purple OG induces a powerful but not overwhelming high, giving users the right amount of relaxation to reduce stress and relieve pain without causing the couch-lock effect. It’s also a highly versatile strain. On the one hand, it can easily put you to sleep when consumed in the evening. But on the other hand, its 40% sativa genetics induce a mild cerebral stimulation and a nice boost of productivity throughout the day.

4. Bruce Banner

A strain named after the most unpredictable Marvel characters — the Incredible Hulk himself — that heralds great potency and powerful effects. But unlike Dr. Banner, this strain does the opposite of making your adrenaline skyrocket and blood rush fiercely in your veins.

Instead, the Bruce Banner indica flower will provide you with an uplifting and cerebral high, with notable body effects that will slowly but surely melt into total relaxation and euphoria.

Bruce Banner is a proud child of the genius minds over at Delta9 labs. It’s definitely not a lightweight smoke, as it comes with 30% THC on average. This is one hell of a potent flower, so it’s rather meant for experienced consumers.

The strain is appreciated among medical cannabis patients for its potential to relieve different types and levels of pain. The sativa side of this bud, in turn, eases the mind with a calming sensation and can prove a decent tool for stirring your creativity.

Bruce Banner Strain

5. Alien OG

Alien OG is an out-of-this-world sativa-dominant hybrid with a well-established reputation among those cannabis users looking for high-THC strains. It was created by The Cali Connection through crossing Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush. 

Alien OG offers a rolling psychedelic that starts in the head and spreads throughout the body, offering cerebral stimulation ad physical relaxation. With such an impressive lineage, Alien Og’s THC content can range from 20% to 28%.

Buds of Alien OG are characterized by small nuggets that come tightly packaged. Although the flowers have a typical Indica structure — they’re dense bulky — some phenotypes lean more toward its sativa parent, with looser, fluffier leaves and cone-shaped buds.

The leaves are light-green and are offset by orange pistils. The surface of Alien OG is blanketed with trichomes that make them appear sticky and frosty. The strain gives off an unexpectedly sweet, citrusy smell, with hints of lime wafting up from the cured buds. On the second smell, you can also feel subtle notes of fresh pine and earth.

Because of its mind-bending properties, Alien OG is an attractive flower for potentially trippy activities like music appreciation, inspiring conversations, or nature walks.

6. Nuken

Nuken is like a seriously potent yet innocently sweet strain. Unlike the majority of weed varieties in the same potency range (more or less), this pot gives the user a smooth experience that feels like inhaling clouds of candies, bringing an amusingly delicious high.

The strain has a strong lineage behind that is an indicator of its quality. Nuken originated in Canada where the Cash Crop Ken crossed the award-winning God Bud strain with Shishkaberry.

The opinions on the THC content of Nuken are split. Today, the strain has THC concentration around 13% to 25%. Some users, however, argue that its THC levels can be as high as 30%.

As we said, Nuken may smell and taste innocent, but it brings powerful psychoactive effects marked by euphoria and a peaceful state of mind. The cerebral buzz often leaves users a little bit too giggly, which makes Nuken a good pick for smoking in social settings. At higher doses, the bud can induce a deep introspection, which is when the high becomes a bit spacey.

Chemo Kush Strain

7. Chemo Kush

Chemo Kush is an indica leaning hybrid created at The University of British Columbia. The flower can be categorized as “moderately potent”, with up to 21% of THC on average. If you’re just getting started with exploring different cannabis strains, we suggest that you remain particularly cautious when smoking this bud. Otherwise, it will make you seek the closest comfy place to rest your couch-locked body on.

Chemo Kush is a beautiful indica flower, with spade-shaped buds threaded through with a dense layer of amber pistils. The Chemo nugs are covered with sticky resin and finished with milky trichomes. The strain is redolent of musky earth, with distinct notes of pine and fumes.

With its invigorating cerebral euphoria and strong relaxing properties, the Chemo Kush cannabis strain is a good choice for afternoon and evening use. It can fix your attention issues and give you a jolt of positive energy, which results in an uplifted and creative mood.

Chemo Kush is often used by medical cannabis patients to deal with anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, eating disorders, and seizures.

8. OG God Kush

OG God Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid with THC concentrations between 14%-23%.

The flowers of OG God Kush come with a shiny layer of silver trichomes that cover the entire, forest-green nuggets. Once you break up the buds, they smell like musky earth accentuated with a peppery kush aroma. 

OG God Kush tastes exactly how it smells. Because of its spicy undertones, the smoke may be a bit harsh on the inhale and it can give you a sharp aftertaste on the tongue when exhaled. 

The high provided by OG God Kush is utterly relaxing and pumped up with a creative vibe within the first hours of its duration. As the psychoactive sensation settles down, the effects of OG Kush creep down to your limbs, sending away pain and physical stress.

The OG GOD Kush strain is known for its outstanding appetite-stimulating properties, so make sure you have some snacks at hand or prepare a hearty dinner ahead of the smoking session to keep yourself supplied when the munchies kick in.

Because of the medium potency, OG God Kush is a good strain for both novice and experienced users.

OG God Kush Strain

9. Midnight

Midnight is one of the most respected strains among medical cannabis users. Created by Tikum Olam in Israel, Midnight offers a myriad of health benefits to your life that is spiced up with a mildly psychoactive experience.

Don’t get fooled by the strain’s seemingly low THC levels (Midnight averages 11% THC), because its power lies on the other side — with 8% to 12.5% of CBD. Midnight is often described as one of the most gentle highs out there. It offers a delicate uplifting sensation that eases the mind and washes the worries away, leaving you with a clear head. 

On the one hand, you may feel energetic and want to get a lot done, but on the other hand — when the high develops its full potential — the indica side will take over and you might feel a bit sedated.

When consumed at higher doses in the evening, Midnight is an invaluable sleep aid. And because of the relatively low THC content, it won’t make you feel anxious or paranoid if you somehow go overboard with it.

10. Hindu Kush

Being one of the original landrace indica strains, Hindu Kush has played a big role in the popularization of cannabis throughout the world. This pure indica flower comes with 15% to 20% of THC on average and is all about physical relaxation combined with mental fogginess.

The flowers of this strain have large, closely-packed nuggets that have a sticky consistency. Hindu Kush has a very complex terpene profile; it smells like hash, spice, wet earth, pine, and sandalwood. The musky aroma indicates heavy, cough-inducing smoke.

Because of its strong physical effects and the aforementioned cerebral laziness, the Hindu Kush cannabis strain is a good choice for the evening and nighttime uses. You can also smoke it when you have nothing serious planned ahead that day.

What are the best weed strains in your town?

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