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Cannabis is increasingly acknowledged for its therapeutic properties. Much of the reason behind its rising fame is emerging science that endorses the plant’s medicinal potential. Massage therapists and naturopaths have started to include CBD oils in several treatments. Professional bodybuilders and athletes routinely use CBD strains to combat pain and inflammation from sore muscles after intense workouts or training sessions.

While NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen and Aleve decrease inflammation and pain, they are also known to trigger side effects when taken on a regular basis. Ice-baths and compression taping help but cannabis is quicker to bring down pain and offer deep rest that is vital for muscle recovery. That’s not all; CBD has several other benefits that is gaining the respect of medical science.

Benefits of CBD

Not all cannabis products have psychoactive properties. The naturally occurring substance in cannabis products, cannabidiol (CBD), is less toxic and a more powerful healing agent. Strains grown for high CBD usually have lower concentrations of the psychoactive THC (the element in marijuana that creates the feeling of being “high”). As a result, CBD fortified cannabis products such as flowers, concentrates, oils and tinctures are ideal for treating patients of all ages, from children and seniors to athletes and patients. Here’s more:

  • Relieves Pain: The analgesic properties of cannabis helps alleviate pain from aching muscles.
  • Reduces Inflammation: CBD and THC are powered by anti-inflammatory agents that work by inhibiting cell proliferation or apoptosis in immune cell populations.
  • Curbs Muscle Spasms: Athletes often suffer from muscle spasms caused by dehydration, trauma or nerve damage. CBD has antispasmodic properties that can reduce muscle spasms.
  • Induces Sleep: CBD is known to have calming and sedative effects that greatly helps those suffering from insomnia. Deep sleep relaxes muscles, boosting muscle recovery.
  • Decreases Nausea: CBD has antiemetic effects that helps reduce nausea. It is known to be more effective than medications containing phenothiazines such as Stemetil or antihistamines such as Dramamine.
  • Boosts Appetite: Cannabis stimulates appetite by increasing the level of two hunger-regulating hormones: ghrelin and leptin. Increased appetite encourages the intake of more calories and nutrients that hasten muscle recovery.
  • Protects Heart, Lungs and Brain: Studies have shown that the short-term neuroprotective effects of CBD protects the heart, lungs and brain during and post injury, even as it decreases inflammation..

Strains that Relieve Pain

To look for pain relieving cannabis strains, choose Indica dominant products. This variety of cannabis contain high levels of non-psychoactive CBD, providing deep relaxation to the mind and muscles. The therapeutic benefits are effective even in small doses. They are found in several forms: flowers, concentrates and edibles. For quicker relief, vapour or CBD flowers help. There are safety case pipe kits available that contain all you need to smoke for instant relief that are smell-proof and convenient on-the-go.

Smoking, however, can affect your respiratory system. To avoid smoking, we recommend a vapour kit that is available in an easy to carry, compact case. Start with a small 10mg dose of CBD to see how your body responds. Increase dosage as required. Please note that it may take up to 90 minutes for the effects to kick in, unlike the effects of smoking that occur about half the time.

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