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Learn More about this Classic Legend in our UBC Chemo Weed Strain Review

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Chemo Weed Strain: Its History and Characteristics, & Where You Can Buy It Online

Some buds are best known for their history, their origin story, or their potency. When it comes to the Chemo (aka Kemo or UBC Chemo) weed strain, you get all three. 

Let’s break down what this medical-grade bud is all about, and how it can help you or someone you know and love who’s suffering from the sometimes debilitating and ongoing effects of cancer treatment. 

The Origin Story

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An old-school marijuana buddy’s classic — rather, almost legendary — Canadian strain, UBC Chemo weed has origins somewhat shrouded in mystery. 

It’s rumoured that Chemo is a cannabis strain engineered by world-renowned Canadian scientist, author, media personality and environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki

From 1963 until 2001, Suzuki was a professor teaching genetics at the University of British Columbia (UBC) —the time and place where Chemo kush’s story reportedly begins.  

It’s said that Suzuki genetically designed and developed the Chemo weed strain — also known as UBC Chemo — in the late 1960s or early 1970s, intending to help cancer patients manage the unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy (hence its name). 

Specific genetic markers in the plant were identified, isolated and selected to create a 100% pure Indica hybrid that helps patients find relief from appetite loss, insomnia, nausea and pain. 

As the urban myth tells the tale, Dr. Suzuki created a potent and powerful bud capable of providing mind-body relief to the most vulnerable medical patients of our time.

What Is The Chemo Weed Strain?

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The UBC Chemo cannabis strain is a 75/25 Indica hybrid. Its THC content has been documented to contain anywhere from 13.5% to a whopping 29% THC

And before you turn your nose up at a paltry 13.5% THC, consider the population who would most benefit from this herb. 

People undergoing cancer treatments come from all walks of life and abilities, across multiple generations, and many could have little to no experience using cannabis. 

Lower THC levels could be entirely appropriate for older and inexperienced patients who are living with ongoing, detrimental side-effects of cancer treatment. 

These patients could be perfect candidates to use buds with less of a “punch,” especially if they’re newbies worried about the psychoactive impact and their subsequent reaction to taking the Chemo kush strain. 

As with anything cannabis, you always want to start low and go slow until you learn your personal threshold.

On the flipside, for regular cannabis buddies who have built up a tolerance, a THC content around 20% and higher offers a more potent solution that provides the same relief from the effects of radiation and chemotherapy as its lower-THC counterpart. 

But keep in mind that patients looking to use UBC Chemo in higher THC concentrations must have experience with cannabis consumption. 

Jumping the gun and taking too much can have some reverse side effects no one wants. More on that later.

Profile and Characteristics

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The mature plant resembles a Japanese Bonsai tree, with smallish, spade-shaped buds. The buds are predominantly green or purple leaves that resemble spiky, foxtail-like clusters

A healthy, well-trimmed plant will yield dense nugs with a frosty trichome coating and an array of orange-red hairs throughout.

Chemo weed offers a pleasant, easygoing smoke with a pungent “after-bite,” and an excellent taste when vaping. The flavours are described as: 

  • Fragrant woody and earthy, like a pine forest floor
  • Fruity and sweet, like apricots
  • Hints of grass

Effects of the Chemo Cannabis Strain

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Online reviews report the Chemo strain burns clean and evenly, and offers a smooth smoke when rolled into a joint but works equally well, if not better, smoked in a vape or a bowl.

Generally speaking, UBC Chemo weed gives an overall body high mixed in with a euphoric, cerebral feeling. Here are the good and possible not-so-good effects of this bud.


  • Antinauseant. Stimulates appetite and helps you keep food down.
  • Pain reliever. Acts as a sedative for chronic pain.
  • Relaxing. Provides an overall sense of peace and calm. 
  • Uplifting. Helpful for patients experiencing depression and anxiety, which is common among cancer patients.
  • Sleep aid. Ideal for evening use so you can get a good rest and feel better the next day.


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As with any bud, there is always the chance you could get some less-beneficial side effects. These aren’t as common, but the following have been reported.

  • Drowsiness. A potential negative if you aren’t looking to treat insomnia.
  • Couch lock. Can be difficult for people who may already experience mobility and dexterity issues.  
  • Dry mouth. A common side-effect sometimes compounded by medications that have a similar effect.
  • Headaches. More common in doses with high THC, and can be problematic for people with low THC tolerance.
  • Anxiety. Again, more common in patients with a low THC tolerance, this bud taken in high concentrations can cause anxious thoughts. 

Whether you’re new to Chemo kush, for the first few times try it among people you trust in a safe environment to help offset any potential negative effects. 

Once you learn your dosage sweet-spot and the THC level best for you, then you can be more confident to use it alone. 

Other Buds in the Chemo Strain Family

UBC Chemo weed isn’t the only medical-grade herb on the market. 

Combining Chemo weed with other buds to create new hybrids with similar characteristics and potency are popular and might be easier to find. Give these Indica hybrids some consideration:

Blue Chemo Strain

Blue Chemo Strain weed bud. Weed shop online cannabis Canada. weed online canada. Purple Kush & girl scout cookie strain.

We can’t only talk about Chemo weed without giving Blue Chemo a fair mention. 

A family member of the UBC Chemo cannabis strain, Blue Chemo is a fun hybrid of Chemo and Blueberry, a popular super-potent heavy Indica-hybrid treat that carries a strong blueberry flavour profile (no surprise there). 

Also an old-school favourite, Blue Chemo was born back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, 

Similar to its parents, Blue Chemo has flavour characteristics of strong Indica that exhibit pine and fruit, some flowery and tropical notes, with a blueberry after-bite. 

Its most common usages are similar to the Chemo weed strain: to stimulate appetite, ease insomnia, relieve pain, and to treat PMS symptoms. Similar to its parent, these applications also mean Blue Chemo is a good choice for treating chemotherapy’s negative side effects.

Purple Chemo

Purple Chemo weed bud. buy weed online. Best online dispensary.

Combine Chemo with some Purple Kush and you’ll get another pure, 100% Indica-heavy hybrid. With a reported 22% THC content, it’s also best for experienced cannabis buddies. 

Earthy, sweet and woody aromas on the nose give way to berries, grapes and lemons on the palate. 

This medical-grade bud is great for all the same indications as UBC Chemo and Blue Chemo strains. 

Its reported effectiveness in easing anxiety and stimulating appetite also makes it appropriate for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa. 

Buy Your Chemo Weed Strain Online

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The Chemo cannabis strain is popular among old-school marijuana aficionados, but can be hard to find.

However, My Green Solutions has everything in store to meet your weed needs  — including the Chemo weed strain.

And if you’ve had the chance to sample some UBC Chemo weed already and are looking to branch out, but want the similar effects of Chemo, give Blue Chemo or its cousin Purple Chemo a try. 

And for people strictly looking for a sleep aid and want variety, or to try something with different flavour characteristics, we have a range of Indica strains to choose from. 

Simply place your weed order online from the comfort and privacy of your own home, for arrival straight to your door — sometimes in as little as 24 hours, depending on your location. 

My Green Solutions is a one-of-a-kind online cannabis dispensary that sells marijuana/weed products online via mail order, plus offers weed delivery in Surrey, BC, Canada and Langley, BC, in Canada. 


The UBC Chemo cannabis strain is one of the most helpful buds and a tasty alternative to over-the-counter medications offering relief from the negative side-effects of cancer treatments. It’s an older, clone-only bud with a deep-rooted history in British Columbia, Canada. 

Available to order here online, get it delivered right to your door so you can have a toke, sit back and — if you happen to be undergoing cancer treatments — enjoy a few hours of euphoric relaxation, pain-free, before slipping off to a peaceful dreamland.