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Looking To Buy Weed Edibles Online In Canada? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Do Marijuana Edibles Taste Like Weed? Read On To Learn All You Need To Know About Weed Edibles

What are weed edibles and are they any different from regular marijuana?

If you love marijuana, nothing will ever beat the novelty of settling in your recliner and unwinding over top-notch flower, especially if you’ve had a tedious day. 

Most marijuana consumers prefer smoking and vaping when they want to get high; these are not only the quickest ways of getting high but also the most uncomplicated. You put one end in your mouth and light the other end. How hard could that be? 

However, many people like to consume their marijuana in different ways. Some have respiratory conditions like asthma that make it impossible for them to smoke, while others simply don’t want to deal with dry mouth. If you enjoy taking marijuana but aren’t too comfortable with smoking, weed edibles are a great alternative. 

What Are Edibles?

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Edibles are any food items that have been infused with marijuana or with THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for the ‘high’ feeling. Other compounds such as CBD, CBG, and terpenes can also be used to make marijuana edibles. When you consume edibles, these compounds are metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream, at which point their effects kick in. 

That said, edibles aren’t only for people who physically can’t smoke weed. Once in a while, you want to change things up and take a break from the usual joint. And is there a better way to spend your weekend than trying out different edibles? 

Every experienced marijuana user has probably found themselves in a situation where they ate more edibles than they should have, thought the world was ending and had one or two panic attacks. 

In this feature, we will delve deep into what THC edibles are, how they work, the reasonable dose to take, and even where you can buy them in Canada. 

Are Cannabis Edibles Better Than Smoking? 

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Numerous online articles claim that taking edibles is safer than smoking weed. This is because edibles do away with the aspect of smoke. The smoke from cannabis is reported to have traces of carbon; if you use paper-based rolling paper, you’re likely to inhale even more carbon. 

Edibles make it possible to experience the benefits of THC and CBD if you’re concerned about these risks. If you have roommates who aren’t too fond of weed smoke, edibles would be a great way of getting high without inconveniencing them. Edibles are also easy to carry around, thus would be great for getting high while on a road trip, hike, or even camping in the wild. 

What Makes Taking Edibles Different From Smoking Weed?

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When you smoke weed, the smoke is inhaled into your lungs. This smoke contains THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, which are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. This is why you can feel the high kick in just a few moments after taking the first hit. 

This is not how eating weed works. By the simple fact that you ingest them, edibles have to go through the full digestion process before you can feel the effects. After the edible is digested in the stomach, the active cannabinoids are metabolized by the liver and reabsorbed into the bloodstream. You’ll start to feel high at this point. This may take any time between 45 minutes to one and a half hours. 

Although it takes longer to get high when eating edibles, its high will last for as long as 6 to 8 hours and, depending on how potent the THC is, even up to 12 hours. 

So, What Do Edibles Do To You?

People that have experienced edibles tout it to have a ‘different’ high than smoking.  Most users report feeling a sense of deep euphoria and relaxation after taking edibles. This feeling washes over the entire body, making edibles the ideal companion for a weekend spent watching old Spiderman movies. 

Hours later, when the high washes off, you feel rested and refreshed. You can time yourself in such a way that the edible wears off right around your bedtime. This would allow you to fall into a deep, restful sleep, leaving you active and reignited when you wake up in the morning. 

How Are Dispensary Edibles Made? 

Although not that complex, making high-quality edibles can be an involving process. Before weed can be used to make edibles, it must be decarboxylated. This is the process that ‘activates’ the THC in the weed. 

You see, marijuana contains THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and not THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). During the decarb process, weed is exposed to heat in a controlled environment; the THCA is converted to THC under these conditions. When smoking, lighting the blunt is essentially decarbing. 

However, most large-scale edible manufacturers make cannabis-infused extracts and concentrates and then use these to make their edibles. This is easier than decarbing flower every time they want to create a new batch of products. 

Do Marijuana Edibles Taste Like Weed?

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If you’ve never tried edibles before, you’re probably wondering whether they have that distinct weed taste. The truth is, they seldom do. While it’s possible to come across the occasional brownie with a strong, weedy taste, many manufacturers tend to do their best to mask the scent. Others introduce new terpenes that blend perfectly with the herbal taste, creating delicious edibles. Twisted Extracts, for example, have raspberry flavor edibles, pineapple flavor jelly bombs, orange flavor jelly bombs, and more.

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If you think about weed edibles, do you only imagine some kind of pastry? Probably cakes, browns, and muffins? This is what most people imagine cannabis edibles to be. 

And while they’re not entirely wrong, edibles can be much more than these. In dispensaries today, it’s possible to find many different types of edibles: teas, gummies, chocolates, jelly bombs, weed candy and more. It’s even possible to find restaurants that sell cannabis-infused meals!

What’s An Ideal Marijuana Dose? 

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It is possible to buy cannabis edibles from an online dispensary in Canada, but before you try them, you should probably decide what the best dose is for you. 

Different products are made using different portions of marijuana; they are also made using strains with varying concentrations of THC. Therefore, you should confirm all these details on the packaging of the product you’ve bought. Many manufacturers even indicate what an appropriate dosage would be for that specific product. 

If this is the first time you’re eating an edible, we would advise taking small portions- about 10 mg or less. You can then gauge how your body reacts to this dose; if you feel you can handle a more intense high, you can add 5 mg on the next dose. Slowly keep adjusting until you find the peak dose for you. 

One of our bestselling products, the Twisted Extracts Sativa Cara-Melts, contains only 10 mg of THC per piece and would be ideal for a first trip. 

Can I Buy Weed Edibles Online In Canada?

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Since 2018, when both houses passed the Cannabis Act, smoking weed and using other cannabis-related products in Canada has been legal. It’s also legal to buy and sell marijuana in Canada. 

This law has made it easier for Canadians to access premium, high-quality cannabis at standardized prices. This regulation has also ensured that consumers get safe and organic weed and cannabis products. For example, for a company to put edible marijuana products on the market, the product has to be tested and reviewed by Health Canada to prove they are safe for public consumption. 

So yes, if you’re wondering whether you can buy pot edibles online in Canada- you can. 

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Edibles Online In Surrey?

We’re dedicated to providing all adults with convenient access to the best weed and weed products in the market today at the best prices. This is the mission we had in mind when organizing our catalog. We chose the highest-rated products from some of the most prominent companies: Golden Monkey Extracts, Twisted Extracts, Bliss, Empress Edibles, and more. 

We believe that everyone should be able to get weed conveniently, without much hassle, and without breaking the bank. Since we run a mail-order marijuana dispensary, we can deliver your order right to your doorstep. 

My Green Solution sells a wide variety of edibles, all prepared with consistent quality in mind. Whether you want to try out edibles for the first time or are an OG who’s been down this road a couple of times, we’ve got something for you.