How to Buy Weed Online In Canada

Buying Weed Online in Canada

Canada Post has been delivering medical marijuana safely since 2013.

Now that recreational sales are finally regulated, people can get their herbal supplies both from in-state dispensaries and online stores.

However, not every province will run physical sales until 2019.

For example, Ontario’s government has eventually given up on the originally planned Ontario-run weed stores. This means that Ontarians will only be able to order their weed online until next year’s April.

But let’s be honest, there are a couple of reasons —  other than the lack of in-state retailers — why people decide to buy weed online in Canada.

Prices, convenience, safety, the availability of different cannabis products — these factors can be decisive for choosing online sales over local dispensaries.

Are you new to cannabis and thinking about getting your stash delivered right at your doorstep?

This article explains how to buy weed online in Canada.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Weed Online In Canada

General cannabis laws are regulated by the federal government, but provincial governments are entitled to set their own rules, such as the legal possession limits, the minimum age to purchase marijuana, home cultivation, and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about buying weed online in Canada.

Who Can Buy Weed Online In Canada?

In most provinces, the legal age for buying weed is 19. The only exceptions, as of right now, are Alberta and Quebec, where one has to be over 18 to purchase marijuana legally. However, Quebec may soon raise that number to 21.

When buying weed online in Canada, most dispensaries will ask you for a valid proof of ID upon registering on their websites.

If they don’t require the ID, you may still be asked by Canada Post’s delivery agent to show it if you appear to be younger than 25 years old.

Who Can Buy Weed Online in Canada

How Much Weed Can I Buy From an Online Store?

Federal law allows adults to buy up to 30 grams (over 1 ounce) of dried cannabis or its equivalent at a time.

This is also the legal limit for the possession of marijuana in public places. On top of that, Canadians are allowed to cultivate up to 4 plants at home.

However, provinces have the power to lower maximums. For instance, Quebec has entirely banned home cultivation and contrary to other provinces, it has also introduced a possession limit per household; Quebec residents can’t have more than 150 grams of dried weed in their apartments.

What Is the Average Price for a Gram of Weed?

Canadians usually pay around $6.65 – $9.52 CAD for a gram of recreational marijuana.

According to our research, most online marijuana delivery stores in Canada offer weed for around $5.89 – $8.29 per gram.

However, that’s the price you get when buying marijuana in bulk.

A single gram can be purchased for around $7.20 – $12 depending on the potency and popularity of the strain.

How Do I Buy Weed From An Online Dispensary?

Although recreational sales are relatively new to Canadians, buying weed online in Canada is no rocket science.

After all, marijuana mail order delivery services were running long before the legalization of recreational weed.

First, you have to sign up to your online dispensary and — if you’re asked to do so — send the staff a legitimate document confirming your age.

Once you get accepted, you can browse through different marijuana strains and products offered by the store.

Many online dispensaries will give you several free grams of weed upon the registration, which is a nice practice for new customers. Plus, you can count on some free samples with each order.

Then, you proceed to checkout and finalize the purchase. This, in turn, brings us to another important question.

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

When Will My Package Be Delivered?

The golden standard for online dispensaries is to send the order to the client within 1-3 business days.

Mos marijuana delivery services send their goods through Canada Post Xpresspost, arriving within 2-3 business days in most regions of Canada.

Shipping cost varies between stores, but the majority of online suppliers offer a flat rate to customers of around $15 CAD per delivery.

Free shipping is available if you spend anywhere from $100 – $200, so people buying weed online in Canada in larger quantities can save on their delivery.

What Information Is Collected From People Buying Weed Online in Canada?

The only information collected would be a name, contact information, address, and payment information.

This data is used to process transactions, to verify the age of the purchaser, to deliver and return cannabis products, to send refunds, and to protect customers against fraud.

One of the biggest concerns people buying weed online in Canada have with privacy and data collection is what could happen if the US received this data.

The US government has already announced that it will ban anyone who has used weed, even in places where it’s legal, from entering the States for life if they answer “yes” when asked about it at the border.

Another major concern is that border officials could demand to check your credit card statements for evidence of legal marijuana purchases. Again, if the US is able to access Canada’s online weed data, they could prohibit Canadians from entering the country before they even reach the border.

How Do I Know If I’m Buying From a Safe Source?

The Internet is a beautiful place because you can do a thorough background check on your potential supplier before you give them your trust and hard-earned money.

Always make sure that your online store gets its cannabis from the licensed producer, preferably one listed on Health Canada’s official website.

Any objections regarding the quality of cannabis products should be reported to the licensed producer or provincial authorities you purchased your weed from.

Buying Weed Online Safe Source

Final Thoughts On Buying Weed Online In Canada

Buying weed online in Canada is as easy as any other online purchase. It allows you to get high-quality marijuana from licensed producers without having to leave your home.

Getting cannabis delivered right at your doorstep is hands down the biggest perk of buying weed online. On top of that, you can find great deals for premium cannabis products, order weed in bulk at lower prices, and rest assured that your package is safely brought directly to your hands.

If you keep the above tips in mind, you’re going to be all good. Just make sure you always buy from a reputable source and know precisely what to expect from marijuana. It will help you avoid any negative experience when shopping for weed online.

How do you buy your cannabis?

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