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How To Get Fast Dispensary Delivery In Surrey

Fast Dispensary Delivery In Surrey- 4 Tips To Buy Weed Online

Wondering how to get fast dispensary delivery in Surrey? This post will highlight the benefit of buying weed online and where to get the best weed products in Canada.

The legalization of cannabis for recreational and medicinal consumption was great news for weed smokers in Canada. 

Before this move, buying marijuana was a gamble. There was potential for legal ramifications or hefty fines. Also, since the industry wasn’t regulated, quality wasn’t always up to standard. Dealers were unreliable and took forever to show up with what you ordered, and the prices weren’t standardized either. 

When the Cannabis Act became law on October 17, 2018, it became possible to access marijuana in Canada. This has brought a lot more order to the industry and has provided consumers with a consistent supply of high-quality marijuana at regulated prices. 

For a while, especially before the pandemic, it was normal to walk into a dispensary to buy your marijuana. 

Today, however, it has become even more convenient to purchase marijuana online since mail order online dispensaries such as My Green Solution allow customers to shop online and have the orders delivered to their doorstep. 

4 Benefits Of Buying Weed Online

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to buy weed online in Canada – and get it delivered!

1. It Helps Maintain Your Privacy

Image of fast dispensary delivery in Surrey BC. Weed Delivery Near Me.

Although the law now allows people to smoke marijuana, the social stigma generally attached to smoking weed hasn’t completely gone away. 

If you don’t want to risk bumping into “church” friends or family as you walk out of a cannabis dispensary, buying weed online is the safest bet. At My Green Solution, we will ship your order via the mail in discreet packaging that doesn’t give away the contents. 

2. It Provides 24/7 Access

Unlike physical shops that tend to have a closing time, the internet is awake forever; well, it certainly does seem like it. This implies that you can make your orders whenever you want to. This all-day access is one of the many reasons you should get your weed from an online cannabis dispensary. 

3. Online Shops Offer A Wider Variety Of Products

cannabis products to buy online from the best online dispensary in Canada.

If you’ve ever scrolled through the catalog of an online marijuana shop, you’ve noticed how varied and widely extensive their menu is. This is another benefit of buying your weed from such a shop. While the average dealer may have their fair share of different strains, online dispensaries take it a couple steps farther. 

Most online marijuana dispensaries sell more than just flowers and pre-rolls. We, for one, recognize that a significant portion of marijuana enthusiasts want to enjoy the plant’s benefits but aren’t comfortable with smoking. We have oils, concentrates, gummies, and many other different products that these people can comfortably consume. 

Buying weed online in Canada gives you access to a wider variety of products so you can pick the very best for you. 

4. Shopping Online Provides Access To Offers and Discounts

discount savings concept at online dispensary my green solution. weed delivery in Surrey BC.

If you’ve ever bought weed at an online store, you probably noticed the many different discounts and bonuses being offered. For example, it’s common to find shops that provide free pre-rolls on the next purchase after you sign up for their newsletter. Others offer a similar reward when you bring new customers. 

While certain stores may offer such offers in their physical locations, this isn’t that common. That’s why many people prefer buying weed online, especially in Surrey, where delivery is guaranteed. 

My Green Solution Provides Fast Cannabis Delivery In Surrey

woman receiving fast weed delivery in Surrey BC from My Green Solution dispensary delivery.

My Green Solution is committed to providing Canadians with access to marijuana whenever they need it. We understand that this means having a quick, effective, and reliable delivery system. This is how we’ve been able to fulfill even the most urgent orders; if you buy your weed before 11:59 pm, we will try our best to ship it out to you the next day. 

We have a simple website with a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate. All products have been grouped into categories that make it easier to pick something out. These categories are then broken down into even more specific sub-groups. 

The website also has a search function that allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for. This simple interface intends to ensure users don’t have to scroll endlessly to find the product they want to buy. 

Other than providing fast delivery of your orders, My Green Solution allows users to pay a little extra to insure their package in case anything happens. You could also add the signature feature for $2.00- to confirm that the delivery has taken place, the delivery agent will need to show your signature. This is just another way of ensuring our customers receive everything they order on time and in good condition, and your signature serves as confirmation. 

Buying Weed Online From My Green Solution

woman smiling on her sofa after buying weed online from online dispensary my green solution.

Ordering marijuana online couldn’t be easier than it is today. 

At My Green Solution, all you need is to go through the menu and find the products you want to buy. Choose your desired quantities, and place your order in the cart. When you’re satisfied with the purchase, check out the cart and confirm your order. 

At the moment, we only accept payment using Interac E-Transfer. This is a safe, fast, and reliable way of making payments without disclosing your bank information. As we’ve already mentioned, the shipment will arrive in vacuum-sealed, odor-proof bags. We’ve also made a conscious decision to ensure no packages visibly bear our name to maintain your privacy further. 

If you don’t want to provide your home address and are comfortable picking up your order yourself from the post office, sign up for FlexDelivery. This is a feature provided by Canada Post that allows you to have all your packages delivered to the nearest post office near you. Our flat rate for shipping is $22.50 CAD- all orders worth $200 CAD or more are shipped free.

4 Quick Tips To Finding The Best Weed Dispensary Delivery In Surrey 

Now that selling marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes is legal in Canada, you’ve probably come across numerous different sites, all selling weed. Under such circumstances, it’s easy to feel confused and spoilt for choice. Don’t worry, though: these four quick tips will help you find the best quality weed delivery in Surrey.

1. Ask For Recommendations

Adults making choices for cannabis products to buy weed online in Canada.

Finding a cannabis delivery dispensary you can trust and rely on is hard. Just like looking for a good doctor for your children, a word of advice from a friend that’s been in a similar situation will go a long way. 

When looking for an online cannabis dispensary, ask your friends to recommend places they’ve tried out and loved. It will be easier for you to trust a retailer you’ve never bought from if your friend speaks highly of them. 

2. Know What You’re Looking For

shopping cart full of cannabis products when buying weed online in Canada.

If you’re looking to buy high-quality marijuana online, this is another crucial ingredient; you need to know what you’re looking for. You need to know a little bit about weed, too: for example, what’s the difference between sativas and indicas, or CBD and THC? 

You could go even further to find out about different strains. What makes Death Bubba different from OG Kush? Understanding these little subtleties will make it easier for you to know what you want and don’t want, which will make the overall shopping process simpler.

3. Try A Sample

girl smoking a joint out a window in Surrey BC.

You don’t have to jump in the water immediately- you can dip your toes in first to see whether you like it. When buying weed from an online dispensary for the first time, you should first try out a small sample. 

For example, if you see one or two strains you’re curious to try, buy a few pre-rolls of both and give them a try. If you like the samples you bought and enjoyed the whole shopping experience, you can make a bulk purchase next time. 

4. Keep An Open Mind

This is important when trying out different marijuana strains. People often tend to get bummed out when they buy weed and find out they don’t like it or that it’s nothing special. We get it, and have been there too. 

The reality is, though, there is the perfect strain for everyone- experienced budtenders can select the ideal strain for customers based squarely on their personality, lifestyle, and needs. Eventually, you’ll find the strain that suits your needs, and we believe the journey there should be fun and eye-opening. All you need to do is keep an open mind. 

Dispensary Delivery Near Me- Order Weed Online In Surrey

As we’ve already mentioned, there are many benefits of buying weed online. It’s faster, more convenient, safe, and reliable and will help you keep your glass jar full without having to leave the house. We deliver via mail and will have your order delivered right to your door. 

We believe that there’s something for everyone, thus sell a wide variety of products. Whether you’re looking for dried flowers, pre-rolls, CBD weed, or gummies, we’ve got you covered. 

We are My Green Solution, the one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs. Make your order today