Benefits of Cannabis for Women

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Everyone knows about wine moms, but what about weed moms? There are a ton of benefits that marijuana offers that are unique to women, and we think that more women should give pot a try. Here are our top six reasons why women should try weed.

#1 – Women Get High Easier than Men

Research that has been done comparing the effects of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), on male versus female animals reveals that female animals are more susceptible to THC than males. This research also showed that they are especially susceptible when they are ovulating. While this does mean that women have the chance of being more prone to the adverse side effects of smoking marijuana, such as paranoia and anxiety, they will also experience the positives much faster and with much less product.

#2 – Weed Reduces the Symptoms of PMS

THC is the main compound that makes up weed. THC can help to reduce nausea, bloating, headaches and other symptoms that you may suffer while on your periods. Marijuana is also great for pain relief, and as anyone who has gone through a period can attest to, cramps are painful and can even interfere with everyday life. With weed, you can significantly reduce the pain during your menstrual cycle than common over the counter medication used to help with period pain.

#3 – Can Help Treat Breast Cancer

Studies have shown that cannabinoids, the compound that exists within cannabis plants, can slow down the growth of cancerous cells. This means that women who have developed breast cancer can help slow the spread by consuming marijuana products while they are also receiving other treatments. Marijuana is also, at times, prescribed to those going through chemotherapy to help them regain their appetites.

#4 – Alleviates Anxiety and Insomnia and Boosts Sex Drive

Women are twice as likely to experience some anxiety disorder than men. The consumption of weed products is an excellent way to combat situational or chronic anxiety.

Women also have a higher likelihood than men of developing insomnia and pot has sleep-inducing qualities that can help women get to sleep more naturally than harsh medication options.

Women also tend to have lower-libidos than men and can experience periods where their libidos shrink. When experiencing these lows, some women want to get their sex drives back, and research has shown that weed can help. Consuming marijuana can help increase sex drives and strengthen women’s orgasms.

#5 – Helps Control Weight

Weed is associated with the munchies and is used medically to help those who need their appetites boosted. Studies, however, have revealed that those who use marijuana are less likely to suffer from diseases like diabetes and obesity when compared with those who have never tried marijuana. THC also promotes weight loss, so if you are trying to slim down the right strain of weed can help with that.

#6 – Relaxation

There are many societal pressures that women face that men do not, especially when it comes to balancing their job, work at home, and personal life. Setting time aside to relax, for many women, is a luxury and out of the question. Weed is the perfect way to relax, helping to take your mind off the demands of everyday life and relax.

There are many unique physical and psychological conditions that women can experience. Menstruation and pregnancy alter our bodies and hormones, sometimes permanently and many psychological disorders are more prevalent in women than in men. While we won’t get into the why the reality is that women need and deserve to take a break and weed is a great option to do just that.

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