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Let’s Make Hash! How to Make Hash at Home

Let's Make Hash! How to Make Hash at Home

Have you ever wondered how to make hash at home? There are numerous ways to make it, but dry-sift hash is the easiest and most popular way to make hash.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make dry-sift hash.

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What is Hash?

In short, when you separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant, you get hashish (hash). Trichomes are the hair-like, sticky, sparkly structures on your buds. They contain all the good stuff, like terpenes, CBD and THC.

If gathered as a loose powder, these fine crystals are called kief. However, once you compact these crystals into a brick, ball, or other format, it becomes hash.

What You’ll Need

  • Plenty of dried and well-cured cannabis (resinous strains like Girl Scout Cookies tend to produce the best results). A or AA grades are also an excellent (and more affordable) option.
  • Wooden sifter box
  • Old playing cards/credit cards (for scraping)
  • Hash press (pollen press)
  • Small funnel (to help with filling the press with kief)
  • Large grinder or trimming scissors (optional, for breaking up your weed)


  1. Open your wooden sifter box, take a generous amount of dry cannabis, and evenly spread it across the screen (the amount of weed is dependant on the size of the sifter)
  2. Close the lid of the sifter box and shake your weed in the box for a few minutes
  3. Open the sifter box and mix the broken-down weed well, then spread it back out for a second shake
  4. Give your weed another round of shaking for a few minutes
  5. Open the sifter box and remove the screen; you’ll find lots of fine kief powder collected
  6. With a playing card or credit card, scrape the kief powder together into a pile

Press Your Kief Powder Into Hash

  1. Open the pollen press, taking off the part with the handle
  2. Using a small funnel, fill the pollen press three-quartersof its capacity with your freshly sifted kief (picking up the kief can be done with two cards; it’s easier than using your fingers)
  3. Screw the handle back onto the press
  4. Screw down tightly until you no longer can, to firmly press the powder
  5. Open the bottom of the press by removing the lower part, crank the press a few more times, and your hash is ready!
Let's Make Hash! How to Make Hash at Home

Tips for Making Hash

The cooler the temperature of the weed is, the easier the process. The colder the weed is, the more brittle the trichomes are, making it easier to separate from the buds. It also reduces the stickiness making it easier to handle.

Putting your weed into an airtight container and in the freezer for a few hours beforehand can help. To store your hash, put it into an airtight container and away from oxygen, high humidity, and temperatures.

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