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Purple Kush OG Strain Review & Info: Is It The Ultimate Nighttime Strain?

Purple OG bud | My Green Solution

Purple OG Kush Strain Review: Why You Need To Try This Impressive Bud

Purple OG Strain is one of the most popular buds in the Canadian medical cannabis scene. This strain is a descendant of a prestigious line of cannabis and is linked to the famous OG Kush and Purple Kush strains. But is it worth a try?

Purple OG Kush was bred by crossing Purple Kush and OG Kush strains. This Indica dominant strain is popular with medical and recreational cannabis users because of its pleasant flavour and taste profile.

Purple OG Kush Strain is also known as the dessert strain because of its intense blueberry and sweet candy flavours. For this reason, cannabis connoisseurs suggest lighting it after dinner. You’ll enjoy a delicious mixture of sweet fruity flavours undelayed by notes of pungent earthy smell.

Afterwards, expect pleasantly euphoric and some deep relaxation bound to keep you couched locked for hours on end. Such are the effects of this tremendous strain.

In this Purple Kush OG review, we discuss the appearance, flavour and expected effects of this strain. We’ll also break down its terpenes profile to understand its medical benefits. Read on!

Purple OG Kush Appearance

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Coming across this bud, you may feel the urge to whip out your camera and take a snap of it. It has dense earthy green buds with streaks of purple throughout. The dense buds have overflowing bright orange hairs all over.

The thick resin coating and the crystalline trichomes tie the flower together like a nicely wrapped gift. The trichomes are frosty and glisten when touched by a ray of sunshine. 

Purple OG Kush Scent and Flavor

Purple OG Kush is the strain for you if you like your weed, like your blueberry muffins. When you break the dried buds apart, waffs of super aromatic fruits and candy will tingle your sense of smell. This will be underlaid by pleasant spicy notes of piney earthy smells.

This mouth-watering strain has a luscious grapey, berry, and battery aroma with blueberry muffin aftertastes. This unique flavour profile will mainly be noticeable on your inhale.

The thick creamy smoke in your mouth will feel like you’re devouring a mixture of sweet candy, juicy grapes and blueberries.

On the exhale, together with the pleasant swirl of fruity flavours, you might taste sharp citrusy notes accompanied by the alluring fruity flavours and earthy piney notes.

Linalool and Limonene are the terpenes responsible for this strain’s rich fruity and especially berry flavours. Other terpenes like Ocimene contribute to the complex flavour in OG Kush from spice, sweetness, and earthiness.

Purple OG Kush Strain Effects

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This strain packs hard-hitting body and head effects.

Because its THC content is moderately high at about 18 to 20%, some cannabis connoisseurs believe its potency can be attributed to the entourage effect – a phenomenon in which the terpenes and other compounds present in a strain contribute to its psychoactive effects.

On your last toke, the pleasant high will creep in, giving you a euphoric mental uplift that will soon turn into a body stone. The sedating effects quickly wash all over the body, melting away your tiredness and sinking your stress, depression, and anxiety.

This will leave you calm, relaxed, and in a pleasant mood. While you enjoy your delightful meditation, the effects will begin to settle into your limbs, leaving them heavy and sedated.

Fair warning, Purple OG Kush is an exclusive nighttime use strain. It will leave you couch-locked, sedated, and ready for a refreshing long nap.

This knock-out strain is popular among stoners for its calm-inducing, munchies-instigating, and sleep-inspiring outcome.

Terpene Profile of Purple OG Kush Strain

Purple Kush OG Strain terpenes concept photo. Buy weed online. Budgetbuds. Online dispensary Canada.

Purple OG Strain has a complex terpene profile that’s responsible for its delicious flavour and taste profile. This coveted list of terpenes is also thought to be responsible for the hard-hitting effect so popular with the strain.

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in plants and are especially abundant in cannabis plants. These compounds are responsible for the unique colours, flavours and taste associated with each cannabis strain.

Much research is still being done to uncover further benefits terpenes have on humans. However, some studies still point to the enormous health benefits these compounds have.

We’ll go into detail and look at the significance of the individual terpenes found in Purple OG Kush.

1. Limonene

If you like the sharp, tangy, citrusy taste in your cannabis, you can thank Limonene for that. This terpene is also found in lemon grapes and oranges.

Medical applications of the compound include anti-inflammatory, anti-depression, and antianxiety. Preliminary research also shows that the compound may have anti-cancer properties.

Limonene also significantly occurs in strains like Blue Dream, Mimosa, and Garlic Cookies.

3. Linalool

Linalool has a pleasant lavender aroma that contributes to its calming and anti-stress effects. The compound is also linked to medical benefits like alleviating anxiety and tension and inducing relaxation.

Gushers, Wedding Cake, and Zookies are other cannabis strains that contain Linalool in significant amounts.

4. Phellandrene

Even though Phellandrene is a secondary terpene and only occurs in small amounts, its significance cannot be overlooked. The compound has antifungal and antibacterial properties. 

5. Caryophyllene

The terpene is also found in rosemary and hops. It has a unique spicy taste found in black pepper and cloves.

Research shows that this strain could alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

6. Ocimene

If you love the herbaceous, earthy smell with notes of sweet fruity flavours found in some weed strains, Ocimene is to thank for that. This terpene is also praised for its emerging and mood-lifting effects.

Purple OG Kush Medical Benefits

One of the special effects of Purple OG is its profound relaxation that often leads to a long, deep sleep. This effect may help in alleviating insomnia.

Another effect of this strain that can translate to a medical benefit is its hard-hitting head and body high. This is usually accompanied by euphoria that evens your mood, making the strain a potential aid for depression and anxiety.

Here is a list of medical conditions Purple OG may alleviate.

  • Arthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Migraines
  • Anorexia

Alternative Strains to Purple OG Kush

Here are other delicious strains with complex sweet flavour and scent profiles. These cannabis strains also induce utter relaxation and are great for nighttime use. 

1. Alien Rock Candy 

mgs ALIEN ROCK CANDY BUD | My Green Solution

Alien Rock Candy is an Indica dominant strain with a sweet fruity smell and similar hard-hitting effects to Purple OG Kush Strain. 

This citrus-smelling strain has stimulating effects that will quickly be followed by tingling relaxation throughout your body and finally lead you to a pleasant slumber. 

Alien Rock Candy is another strain excellent for nighttime and evening use.

2. Pink Kush

pink kush bud | My Green Solution

Pink Kush is an Indica dominant strain famous for its body-high-inducing effects. Because this strain acts on the body instead of the mind, it may induce deep relaxation, eliminate pain, and calm you completely.

Pink Kush has a pleasant taste and flavour profile featuring sweet flower notes, earthy overtones and vanilla flavours.

3. Gelato

gelato | My Green Solution

The strain has a sweet flavour profile with hints of robust pines. The Hybrid strain is famed for bringing about the giggles as its high creeps in. It will make you quite talkative, so it’s the perfect strain for days when you want to sit around with your friends and reminisce on the good times.

Gelato is popular among medical marijuana users because it’s believed to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Potential Adverse Effects of Purple OG Kush

The complex effects associated with this strain make it unfriendly to beginners. Care should be taken even with regular stoners, as an overdose of this strain might knock you right out. Here is more information on how to properly dose weed.

Other effects commonly associated with the strain include dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia.

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