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Should You Use Topical CBD or Oral CBD?

Should You Use Topical CBD or Oral CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) products have become extremely popular as an alternative to medical cannabis. Like THC, CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system to provide a range of therapeutic perks. However, CBD provides these benefits without getting you high or inducing any intoxicating effects whatsoever.

You can also use CBD in various ways. For instance, some people like to take quick and easy oral CBD products. Others prefer to apply CBD directly to the body. Not only are there multiple products for both of these methods of application, but some CBD products can be used both topically and orally.

So should you use topical CBD or oral CBD? Here’s a breakdown of the different ways to use CBD and how they can help you.

Should You Use Oral CBD?

Many people take CBD for issues such as chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, and sleep problems. However, not everyone administers CBD the same way. While you can buy many different types of CBD products, two of the most popular methods of use are oral consumption and topical application.

Oral CBD products include CBD edibles, CBD capsules, and CBD tinctures. These products can simply be swallowed for a quick, convenient, and effective way to get the dosage of CBD you need. CBD tincture oils can also be applied sublingually – simply apply the oil under the tongue for fast absorption.

When you take CBD orally or sublingually, it’ll affect your entire system. Not only can it help with physical issues such as chronic pain and inflammation, but it can also help with mental ailments. As such, those who want to use CBD to tackle issues like anxiety, chronic stress, and depression should use oral CBD products. Oral CBD products often also come in fixed doses, making it especially easy to manage your dosage.

Should You Use Topical CBD?

Taking CBD orally or sublingually is a good idea for those who want to get the same dosage every time. It’s also the best way to take CBD for those who want to reap the mental benefits of CBD. However, those who want to tackle physical issues directly may find CBD-infused topical products more helpful.

CBD topicals include creams, balms, lotions, sprays, and other such products that can be applied directly to your body. These products don’t reach your bloodstream and, as such, won’t have mental effects. However, they can be particularly helpful for directly targeting localized pain, inflammation, wounds, and other forms of physical distress.

You can apply CBD topicals directly to the area of your body where you want the effects of CBD. Some CBD products also let you soak up the benefits of CBD throughout your body, such as CBD bath bombs and bath salts. Other CBD topicals are targeted at specific areas, such as CBD face creams and CBD lip balms.

While most CBD topicals don’t reach the bloodstream, those who want both physical and mental perks can use CBD topical patches. These patches can be applied to your wrist (or another venous area of the body) for a long-lasting dose of CBD throughout your system.

Using CBD Edibles

Using CBD Edibles

If you’re interested in using oral CBD, CBD edibles are a prime choice. These CBD-infused treats include flavored jellies, gummies, caramels, and more. Using CBD edibles is one of the most enjoyable methods of CBD consumption – simply eat your desired dose, enjoy the taste, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of cannabidiol.

Not only are CBD edibles enjoyable to use, but they also make it especially easy to manage your CBD dosage. Each serving contains a specific dose of CBD, and you can take as many as you need to get your desired dosage. For instance, if you have a pack of CBD gummies with 20mg in each piece, you can take one or two gummies a day to get the CBD you need.

Those who enjoy the convenience of CBD edibles but would prefer to avoid the calories can also use CBD capsules. Like edibles, these contain a fixed dose of CBD in each serving and you can take as many as you need. You can also create CBD edibles or drinks at home simply by adding a dose of CBD tincture.

Using CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are ideal for users who want to apply CBD directly to the body. Products such as CBD creams, balms, and lotions can be swiftly rubbed into your body without any hassle. For instance, if you have a sore knee and need fast-acting relief, you can apply some CBD cream to the area.

Most CBD topicals don’t reach the bloodstream and, as such, won’t have mental benefits. However, those who want a wider range of effects can benefit from CBD topical patches. Each patch contains a specific dose of CBD, so you don’t need to worry about using too much or too little. Apply the patch to your wrist and you’ll get a long-lasting dose of cannabidiol.

Interestingly, some users create homemade CBD topicals using CBD tincture oils. CBD oil can be combined with ingredients like beeswax and coconut oil to create topical products. This method can be used to create cream, soap, balm, lotion, and various other great topicals.

Using CBD Tinctures

CBD tincture oils are arguably the most versatile CBD products out there. These CBD-infused oils come in a small bottle with a dropper. You can measure your dosage by drop and apply your desired dosage in various ways.

The quickest and easiest way to use CBD tinctures is by sublingual absorption. This involves applying your dose of CBD tincture under your tongue and holding it there for around a minute. The CBD will be absorbed into your body and make its way through your bloodstream.

Alternatively, you can add your desired dose of CBD oil to all kinds of foods and drinks for makeshift CBD edibles and beverages. For instance, you can add it to soups, sauces, and salad dressings for CBD-infused food. You can also make CBD coffee, tea, juice, and smoothies simply by adding a dose of CBD tincture.

Using CBD Tinctures


Should you use topical CBD or oral CBD? It depends on your needs and preferences. Oral CBD products offer a quick and convenient way to use CBD for all kinds of purposes. Topical CBD products are better for applying CBD to specific areas of your body.

Overall, both of these methods of application are beneficial and you should try both. Whether you’re looking for edibles, capsules, topicals, or other ways to use CBD, you can buy CBD products online at My Green Solution.

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