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Strain Review: Black Diamond

Black Diamond Review

Diamonds are forever — just like the high from the Black Diamond strain. This super potent indica can definitely pack a punch, and its complex aroma and flavor profile of berries and grapes will undoubtedly captivate any weed aficionado who’s into chasing unique flavors.

Not only does the Black Diamond strain offer a textbook definition of the indica high, but it also looks like a weed lover’s dream, with its gorgeous dark purple look bringing a sense of happiness and euphoria before you even break up its buds and take a generous rip from a bong.

Interestingly, the purple color demonstrates creativity, peace, and wisdom — just like the Black Diamond strain. This primarily indica-dominant hybrid provides you with relaxation both in the body and mind and just like shiny diamonds, it surely brings a spark that will make you a mellowed yet social butterfly among your company.

Are you ready to explore the unique nature of Black Diamond?

Black Diamond: the Origins

When you consider the genetics of the Black Diamond strain, you’ll know you’re in for a treat. The hybrid is a cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, one of the most revered OG Kush strains in the cannabis community.

The Diamond OG parent is what gives the Black Diamond strain a smooth smoke that often takes on the flavor traits of the other strain involved in the cross. It’s worth noting that there are different varieties of Black Diamond, with the “supplementary” strains including flowers such as Green Crack (Green Diamond) or Blue Dream (Blue Diamond).

Nonetheless, the contribution of the Blackberry strain produces the best tasting Diamond strain due to its amazing flavor profile. If you’re already a fan of Diamond OG, you’ll be thrilled to explore the calming effects of Black Diamond along with the clear head and a spectacular taste it provides.

Diamond OG Strain

Black Diamond: Appearance

Appearance wise, Black Diamond is not your typical indica strain. It grows medium to large flowers with an elongated, cylinder-like shape. The buds and leaves are frosty green in color and are threaded through with pale brown pistils. As mentioned, some phenotypes of the Black Diamond strain come with vibrant streaks of purple. The generous layer of crystal trichomes indicates moderate to high levels of THC, usually ranging between 15% and 24%.

Black Diamond: Aroma & Flavors

When properly cured, Black Diamond has a beautiful smell reminiscent of berries and pungent, musky earth that is further accentuated by notes of red wine because of its sweet grape aroma upon breaking up the buds.

When you smoke Black Diamond, the strain will give off a surprisingly smooth smoke for an indica-dominant hybrid. The hints of grapefruits are noticeable on the exhale along with a slight touch of oak and berries, so the aroma partly carries over to the Black Diamond’s flavor.

Black Diamond: Effects

We live in very fast-paced times and are challenged with plenty of things on an everyday basis. From our work duties to tasks we have to complete in our houses to all other activities that could drain your energy and make you feel uncomfortable and stressed out.

The high from Black Diamond is a natural remedy to those problems. The strain brings up cerebral happiness with a quick burst of euphoria that further gets expressed in numerous giggles from the user. Not only that, but the mental relief is also accompanied by physical relaxation that is felt during the later stage of the high.

Contrary to typical indica strains, Black Diamond doesn’t leave you glued to the couched. In fact, it’s a perfect flower for social gatherings because it brings positive vibes to the party and spurs inspiring conversations.

Don’t get us wrong, you may very well enjoy the Black Diamond strain alone in the comfort of your home — a Netflix session is a great pairing to this flower — but it tastes best when cherished with friends.

On top of that, Black Diamond may also make you feel ravenous as if you haven’t eaten for years, so you’d better have some comfort food nearby to fill your stomach. This feature works great for anyone who would want to increase their appetite or fight eating disorders.

Black Diamond Medical Benefits

Black Diamond: Medical Benefits

Due to its strong relaxing properties, Black Diamond is a perfect stress reliever. It can effectively curb anxiety, clear the head out of the racing thoughts, and help you enjoy life “here and now.”

Moreover, Black Diamond eases pain and alleviates the symptoms of nausea. This, combined with the strain’s stress relieving properties, makes its flowers work great for insomniacs who can’t get a good night’s sleep due to the aforementioned conditions.

Those who live an active lifestyle and engage moe in physical exercise may be more exposed to muscle pain, spasms, and cramps. Hence, the strain’s analgesic properties could help you big time in relieving those.

Finally, Blue Diamond and its hunger-inducing potential will come in handy for those who are struggling with a loss of appetite, anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders.

Black Diamond: Possible Side Effects

While Black Diamond comes with a well-rounded high and a myriad of health benefits, it also has its darker side. Fear not, though, as the strain typically leaves users with dry mouth and red eyes, which is typical to all marijuana strains.

Going overboard with Black Diamond’s flowers can cause headaches, which, contrary to the feeling of dry mouth, isn’t something you can conquer easily. However, you can prevent headaches by drinking tons and tons of water — hydration is a must with Black Diamond.

The good thing about the Black Diamond strain is that it doesn’t tend to elevate the feelings of anxiety or paranoia, so in the worst-case scenario, you’ll experience a headache and can get a spontaneous nap during the day.

As with anything that contains psychoactive ingredients, it’s best to keep your intake of Black Diamond in moderation.

Have you ever tried the Black Diamond strain? Is it your daily flower of choice or do you keep it for special occasions like social gatherings or stoner dates?

Let us know in the comments!

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