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Strain Review: Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough Strain Review

Cookie dough is the creme de la creme of all sweets and baked goods ever created. There are few types of sweets that could possibly surpass the undeniable pleasure of munching on some homemade cookie dough. 

If you’re looking for a translation of this pleasure in weed, Cookie Dough will be your best bet. Owing its name to this unique dessert, this strain will help you enjoy a whole myriad of different nostalgic flavors and childhood airness.

Let’s take a closer look at the Cookie Dough marijuana strain and decide whether its effects are as innocent as its flavor.

What are the Origins of the Cookie Dough Strain?

As the name may lead you to expect, Cookie Dough derives from one of the most well-known marijuana families there are — Girl Scout Cookies. Therefore, the prevalent flavor profile in the strain has inherited its parent’s sweetness, although Cookie Dough comes with more complex traits, both when it comes to its taste and effects.

Descending from the Girl Scout Cookies strain, Cookie Dough has a similar list of effects that are characterized by the typically mild intensity of the parent. However, Cookie Dough can sometimes hit the user with a punch of strong, cerebral effects combined with a body-numbing sensation.

With that said, inexperienced users should try a few less potent strains before approaching this unique hybrid.

Speaking of which, Cookie Dough offers a well-balanced ratio of both sativa and indica qualities in its genetics, allowing for maneuvering between different types of high if you’re a seasoned consumer.

THC Content

THC Content

As a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies, you can expect Cookie Dough to boast a similar THC content. However, the THC levels of Cookie Dough can reach up to 25%, with an average content clocking at around 22%.

This makes Cookie Dough a strong strain, capable to knock even experienced users off their shoes. Make sure that you approach this bud with particular caution if you’re new to cannabis so that you avoid potential side effects.

CBD Content

Some people report that their Cookie Dough has between 0 and 10% of CBD, which is a very broad range, but in practice, most varieties of this flower rarely exceed 1%.

This isn’t to say that Cookie Dough doesn’t have certain medical benefits. On the contrary, it may alleviate plenty of symptoms and conditions, but it’s just not the best pick if you’re sensitive to the psychoactive effects of THC.


Appearance-wise, Cookie Dough looks nothing like its culinary equivalent. In fact, this strain has a bright violet sheen caused by its unique pigment development within the plant’s structure.

Other than that, Cookie Dough resembles a typical 50/50 hybrid. The buds are bulky and clustered together in a popcorn-like shape, but the sugar leaves are somewhat fluffy, threaded through with orange pistils to catch the pollen from male plants.

Cookie Dough Strain Appearance

The buds are coated with a generous layer of translucent trichomes that create a shining blanket on their surface. These trichomes are indicative of the strain’s above-average potency.


Cookie Dough has an interesting aroma profile, redolent of cookie batter and offering a decent level of sweetness. To break up the one-note character, there are also slight hints of berries and citrusy undertones that become noticeable upon grinding the buds.


Cookie Dough’s smoke is unexpectedly easy on the lungs and enjoyable. There’s no harsh burn or irritation no matter how hot the temperatures are.

There’s a dominant hint of berry that carries on to your tongue on the exhale. The whole flavor is sweet and intense, with citrusy notes being slightly detectable on the palate. The transition from sweet to sour flavors — and the other way round — makes for a great treat for all flavor chasers out there.

What Does the Cookie Dough Strain Feel Like?

The high from Cookie Dough tends to hit users very quickly — it’s definitely not a creeper. At first, you might feel a slight tension and pressure around your eyes, leaving you feeling a bit slow and confused.

Once those feelings have passed, the initial buzz will be replaced by a strong cerebral rush that will make you think that you’ve just discovered the Philosopher’s Stone.

What Does the Cookie Dough Strain Feel Like

Those who aren’t used to stronger strains might get some uncomfortable mind race at the beginning, typically characterized by elevated anxiety and running thoughts. However, as long as you don’t panic and have someone you can talk to, you should be able to weather it until the next stage of the high kicks in.

After the dust settles, you can expect to experience some mild psychedelic feelings, as well as a general sense of euphoria and bliss. Your senses may be sharpened, too, making the Cookie Dough strain a great choice for creative minds and artistic souls. 

This is a highly versatile bud. You can enjoy it on your own or in a social setting with your friends, play video games or listen to your favorite music while munching on some delicious food. 

Speaking of which, Cookie Dough induces a serious case of the munchies, so if you don’t feel like cooking that day, make sure to prepare some snacks prior to your smoking sesh.

Medical Benefits of the Cookie Dough Strain

As a strain with an above-average THC content, people commonly use Cookie Dough to help with many different types of mental problems.

The main reason for choosing Cookie Dough as your go-to medical bud is the relief from stress and a range of depression symptoms. By being able to elevate your mood and promote a more positive state of mind, Cookie Dough is a good choice for those looking to endure difficult times with mental distress, allowing you to unwind, and take a look at your life from a more distant perspective.

On top of that, people use Cookie Dough to treat issues deriving from pain and inflammation. The strain has a good reputation among arthritis patients.

Possible Adverse Effects of the Cookie Dough Strain

Possible Adverse Effects of the Cookie Dough Strain

Cookie Dough can pack a punch, so you should definitely try to avoid this bud if you’re prone to the psychoactive effects of THC. In more sensitive users, the strain may lead to feelings of anxiety and paranoid thoughts.

As we said, these side effects can be easily avoided by taking lower doses of the Cookie Dough Strain. If, however, you go overboard with this flower, remember to take regular deep breath, drink lots of water, and ask a more experienced friend to explain the potential reason behind the THC-induced anxiety.

Finally, you may also expect a range of regular symptoms of high-potency cannabis, such as dry mouth and dry eyes, but these effects are common for all marijuana strains. It’s nothing strange to have to deal with them. Again, regular hydration should mitigate the cottonmouth; as for the dry eyes, just use regular eye drops — they will hydrate your eyes and remove the bloodshot effect.

When was the first time you smoked Cookie Dough? Is it among your favorite weed strains? Give us a shout in the comments!

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