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The Best Weed for Sleep: 8 Strains to Help With Insomnia

The Best Weed for Sleep: 8 Strains to Help With Insomnia. Best weed to unwind and relax from My Green Solution. Best pot shop

So, you’re having trouble falling asleep and are looking into weed for help? Many Canadians are interested in buying weed online to treat insomnia.

According to this study, cannabis does help with sleep and insomnia symptoms, which makes it a worthwhile treatment. 

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is for both our mental and physical health.  But what factors and strains are best for treating insomnia?


So, which cannabis compound is responsible for sleep?

Studies have agreed that it’s tetracannabidiol  (THC), and that cannabidiol (CBD) instead has an alertness effect. 

THC is also known to reduce levels of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the state in which  we dream.  This is an important part of sleep, but less REM sleep means more deep sleep. 

If you are prone to anxiety and paranoia, make sure to check the level of THC in your weed and go for a lower dose.

Indica vs. Sativa

An indica strain will produce lulling, muscle-relaxing sleep,  whereas sativa brings a more focused effect.  So, when it comes to treating insomnia, it’s best to go with a pure indica or indica hybrid.

8 Best Online Weed Strains for Sleep in Canada

Before we start, let’s confirm: shopping weed online in Canada is safe, fast and discreet. And here are the best strains to help you get to sleep quickly.

1.   Pink Tuna

Its high intensity eases you into a mind-numbing, couch-lock effect. As the mind calms to stillness, the body enters a sedative state perfect for lulling you to sleep.

THC levels: 25-31 percent.

2.   Northern Lights

One of the most famous strains of all time, this indica will bring on a euphoric, muscle-relaxing state. It is used by patients to treat depression, chronic illnesses, and, yes, insomnia. 

THC levels: 16-21 percent.

3.   Grandaddy Purple

One of the most famous sleep strains, this indica strain will leave you in a cerebral euphoria but also deep relaxation throughout your body.  As you drift through a floaty bubble, your body will experience the couch-locked effect.

THC levels: about 17 percent.

4.   Money Maker

Its earthy, berry, nutty taste will give you the perfect sleep-inducing effect. With an intense high, this hybrid strain is perfect for late-night uses and inducing sleep.

THC levels 20-23 percent

5.   Island Pink

A pretty bud to go along with its pretty name, this sweet-tasting vanilla, indica-dominant strain will leave you in a euphoria until the relaxation kicks in, putting you in a happy, relaxed haze.

THC level: 25 percent.

6.   Death Bubba

As the name implies, this strain gives you an intense high that can put you in a deep sleep for hours. Death Bubba is so strong that you may appear unwakeable, so make sure you have nothing to do but enjoy hours of undisturbed sleep. 

THC levels: 25-27 percent.

7.   Amsterdam Flame

This strain builds you up to a euphoric peak then down to a sedative state, leaving you ready for a peaceful night of sleep.

THC level: 25 percent.

8.   Harlequin Grandaddy Purple

This hybrid strain with a lower dose of THC and high CBD is perfect for relaxation, without feeling completely couch-locked.  It’s great for feeling cozy without the risk of paranoia.

THC level: 4 percent

CBD: 7 percent.

Weed for Sleep?

Weed is a great treatment for insomnia and is proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. 

When shopping for a weed strain to help you with sleep, look mainly for an indica strain with higher THC levels. 

So if you’re suffering from insomnia, consider these weed strains as an option for quick, deep sleep. 

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