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The Top Halloween Weed Strains to Get Spooked & Stoned With 2021

halloween weed strain

Halloween is quickly approaching and the month of October is full of spooky, scary celebrations and gatherings. So, why not impress your favorite smoker circle or sesh with Halloween weed? We’ve got the ultimate list of the top Halloween weed strains to get spooked and stoned with this year, along with a guide to Halloween weed edibles, too. 

The Top Halloween Weed Strains Guide 

From their devious looks or chilling names, here’s the list of different weed strains to try this Halloween to creep it real all season long. 

White Death 

Like creepy fog filling the cemetery, White Death is our first spooky Halloween weed strain to make the list. White Death is a unique strain that comes from two legends you’ve probably heard of – White Widow and Death Bubba. Covered in a ghostly layer of white resin, the earthy, and pine-scented buds deliver a buzz that’s perfect for turning Halloween parties up a notch. White Death is a hybrid that uplifts moods, energizes the mind, and produces a mellow calm that relieves all the stresses from the day. Even better? This version is organic and cultivated with all-natural ingredients from soil base to organic nutrients for growth promotion and health

Death Bubba

Can we get any more morbid? Death Bubba is the second weed Halloween strain that’ll make your spirits be ready for rest. The hybrid is high in THC and high in relaxing, sedating effects you’d expect from being Indica dominant. With a purple hue, Death Bubba will match all your Halloween decor and is perfect to wind down with after a night of spooks and scares. The strain’s effects are calming for the body and mind, and produce euphoria like no other from its earthy, spicy, citrusy, and pine-scented buds. 

Bruce Banner

We’re sure you’ll see one or two Hulks dressed up for Halloween festivities so why not partake in your own stoner way? Puff, puff, pass a little Bruce Banner to add a superhero twist to your holiday. The Sativa dominant hybrid is also a way to get your party or Halloween gathering set off in flight. As the strain is well-known for producing an uplifting and creative buzz that’ll stimulate conversations. Bruce Banner comes equipped with a classic diesel aroma, along with high levels of THC for a potent buzz. Hence, its’ powerful namesake. 

Black Nuken

There’s nothing scarier than darkness, especially at Halloween time. And we hate to say it, but you’ll be haunted with the shockingly good effects of Black Nuken. From first sight, you’ll see just why Black Nuken is on our Halloween weed strain list with its purple, almost black hue. In fact, it’s sometimes described as ‘gothic’ which is perfect for the goth-filled holiday. Despite its scary appearance, Black Nuken is sweet with an earthy aroma and has moderate levels of THC ideal for any type of consumer.  The strain delivers a relaxing and long-lasting high. 

Alien OG 

The thought of Alien invasions is creepy year round even more so when extraterrestrial costumes are openly walking the streets. If you’re seeking to amplify and enhance your Halloween experience with psychedelic-like effects, then Alien OG is the strain you should turn to. The Indica dominant hybrid is extraordinary in intense mind and body effects. Beginners beware, as the strain is infamous for hard-hitting and heavy highs. Alien OG’s aroma will also ignite the senses with its zesty and refreshing lemon and pine scent. 

Venom OG 

Are you more into the creepy and crawly vibes of Halloween? Then treat yourself to the eerie Halloween weed strain, Venom OG. Which is a cross of the even creepier strains, Rare Dankness #1 and Poison OG. An all-around thriller for the holiday, Venom OG is an Indica dominant strain that’s sprinkled with pumpkin-orange hairs. Just like you’d imagine a creepy strain to smell, Venom OG comes with skunk and damp earth aromas, followed by a hint of fresh pine. With moderate-high levels of THC, novice consumers should proceed with caution and expect a few coughs from the harsh smoke. Venom OG is ideal at relieving stress and will relax the body, too. 

Candy Jack

A more uplifting Halloween weed strain is reminiscent of one of our favorite Halloween activities – trick or treating. Candy Jack is that perfect go-to weed Halloween celebrations can benefit from. The Sativa dominant hybrid is notorious for high THC percentages that deliver a potent buzz. Quite Halloween-like in appearance, Candy Jack is dusted with orange hairs and has a spooky, layering of resinous trichomes, too. With musky, skunky and citrus aromas, Candy Jack is sweet and sour like some candies and delivers an energetic, uplifting high that’s heavy cerebrally. 

Alien Dawg

Is that a plane? Is that a UFO? Or is it Alien Dawg making its landing as one of the best Halloween weed strains to get with mail order weed online? Alien Dawg is an Indica dominant hybrid that delivers out-of-this-world-like effects and a pungent, unique aroma too. The strain has a woody, pine, and sweet flavor some users consider spicy, and even say has hints of sour. With moderate levels of THC, anyone can enjoy the buzz of Alien Dawg making it a perfect joint to pass around at any Halloween weed party night. 

Death Star 

First Death Bubba, now Death Star (or enjoy Death Tuna too). All three strains give off ghoulish-like ganja vibes and will enlighten any Halloween gathering or party. Sticky like candy, Death Star is notoriously coated in a resinous coating that delivers its potent good vibes. The high-powered buzz comes from buds with zesty lemon aromas and is chock-full of CBD and THC for soothing and comforting effects. To add to its Halloween weed strain likeness, Death Star is the perfect shade of purple to match your holiday decorations. 


No magic is necessary to unleash killer effects from the Halloween weed strain, Voodoo. Rather than taking life, Voodoo delivers lively Sativa-like effects with a long-lasting and euphoric high. Its buds are a beauty to the eye with deep rich green colors that are covered with white trichomes – similar to the spiderweb decorations you might be used to seeing at Halloween time.  The strain has nutty and spicy flavors that complement its fresh and fruity aroma and contains low levels of THC for a buzz that’s not too overwhelming. Voodoo is uplifting and will elevate the mood with stress-relieving effects. Perfect for pre-gaming your Halloween plans. 

Halloween Weed Edibles to Try 

While children get to go from door to door collecting satisfying sweet candies and treats, adults are left at home missing out on the old-age tradition. But, what’s even better than sugary candy? Ones infused with THC and CBD for a more mature Halloween celebration. So to have your own trick or treat fun from home, here are a few Halloween weed edibles you can easily purchase from our Canadian mail order weed site. 

Like Gummies? 

If gummy bears, sour rings, Starbursts, or fruit chews are your favorite candies to indulge in during Halloween, then shop gummies from the top edible companies in Canada. Including Empress Edibles, Bliss, Aura Extracts, Twisted Extracts, SEC, Mary’s, Golden Monkey Extracts, Ether, and more. Choose your favorite flavor, or type and feel like a kid all over again – only elevated. 

Like Chocolate Bars? 

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate bar at the bottom of their trick-or-treating bag? The only thing better is rich, pure and creamy chocolate with a hint of THC and CBD for euphoric effects. Euphoria Shatter Bars come in a wide variety of flavors, and strengths and even multi-packs to share with your favorite costumed friends (over 18, of course!). 

Like Caramels? 

Sweet, nutty, buttery, soft, and chewy – it doesn’t get more Fall than the taste of caramels. Now you can elevate the versatile flavors of caramel with Canadian edibles online and brands like Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts. These delicious caramel bites are infused with THC and available in indica and sativa for specific effects for day or night. Into the benefits and effects of magic mushrooms and psilocybin? Try Aura Extracts and their unique psilocybe Caramels, too. 

Like Nerd Ropes? 

Nerd Ropes are the quintessential candy of crunchy, sour, sweet, fruity, gooey, and gummy tastes. Why not enhance the flavors with a punch of THC? Laughing Monkey allows consumers to do just that with their Canadian edibles, Monkey Ropes  – also available in Extreme with 1000 MG of THC in one rope! Choose which strength is best for you and enjoy this perfect Halloween weed edible. 

Celebrating Halloweed 

Now that you have the ultimate guide to Halloween weed strains and Halloween weed edibles, start selecting which you’ll get high-spirited with. Shop My Green Solution’s full collection of flower and edibles, and experience the best quality online weed dispensaries in Canada.