What Is a Tarantula Joint?

What Is a Tarantula Joint

With the vaping trend taking hold among cannabis consumers, most people probably reach for their pockets to get their vaporizer when it’s time to smoke weed.

As much as we appreciate the benefits of vaping cannabis — all these health and flavor perks that come with using a vape pen — nothing can beat the experience coming from a good old joint.

For some people, a joint is just weed rolled in paper. For others, rolling a joint is an act of art.

If you belong to the latter group, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the goodness offered by one of the most potent types of joints ever — the tarantula joint!

What Is a Tarantula Joint?

Smoking a tarantula joint takes it to the next level, giving you everything you need to get that extra kick from a doobie. Tarantula joints involve a combination of flower, oils, concentrates, and kief.

That’s where the “tarantula” name comes from — this should be the first thing to come to your mind after seeing its arachnid-like appearance resulting from a brown hairy tinge created by the kief coating.

Due to their potency, tarantula joints are reserved for savvy consumers who can withstand the concentrations of THC inside this doobie. But if you’re experienced enough, this guide will help you make your own tarantula joint at home.

Read on to master your craft!

How to Roll a Tarantula Joint

How to Roll a Tarantula Joint

Before you learn how to roll a tarantula joint, you need to understand one thing:

This isn’t your typical average doobie that you share with friends at parties.

It’s the fine dining of smoking cannabis.

A tarantula joint is like a deep dish pizza; or a hasselback loaded potato; or both combined in one dish and sprinkled with some fried onion.

To roll a tarantula joint you’ll need to start with the joint paper and the bud of your choice. Adjust it to the time of the day, your mood, or whatever you deem necessary to get the best experience.

Once you have the buds ground up and put in the joint, you need to follow with some concentrates. Again, choose the material according to your preferences — it may be wax, honey oil, budder, resin, or crumble. This step adds pizzazz to your average joint; you’re going to get about an extra 60 to 80% THC.

Is the concentrate already in your joint along with the bud?


Now it’s time to roll that joint in some CO2 oil. Not only does this step add extra potency to the tarantula joint, but it also prepares its surface for the final, and the most thrilling step.

That step involves rolling the oiled joint in kief.

This is what makes the tarantula joint complete. The kief loads it with even more THC for an extra punch, as well as that signature arachnid-like appearance that makes your eyes sweat out of amusement. 

Can I Buy a Pre-Rolled Tarantula Joint?

After reading the above, you probably can’t wait to ditch the vaporizer and do whatever it takes to try a tarantula joint JUST RIGHT NOW.

There are two ways to get your hands on one of these furry creatures.

First, you can simply go to your dispensary and buy one. Depending on where you live, you might have some difficulty getting these, but in places with legal marijuana markets, you can find them individually wrapped and packed into potion-like tubes.

Of course, they are more expensive than regular joints, but you shouldn’t spend more than $20 for a high-quality tarantula joint, keeping in mind that this will give you the high of your life.

However, if you have enough expertise, you can roll a tarantula joint by yourself in the coziness of your home. As long as you know how to properly roll a classic joint, this little friend will come in no time — ready to be smoked!

So even if you live in a place where you can’t just go to a dispensary and ask for a pre-rolled tarantula joint, you have the means to do it on your own.

Can I Buy a Pre-Rolled Tarantula Joint

What Effects Should I Expect From a Tarantula Joint?

It goes without saying that the elevated THC content will make you pretty damn high, unless you’ve got the tolerance of Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson. 

The type of high you experience will depend on the selected strain and concentrate, but generally speaking, the high will be mellowy and stoney, making you seek refuge in the nearest sofa. After all, an average THC content of a tarantula joint is around 80%. The high may also make you feel ecstatic and pretty much the most laid-back person at that time.

From the medical standpoint, tarantula joints may be pretty effective for symptom relief. Patients can use a combination of THC or CBD contents to send away muscle tension, stress, nerve pain, headaches, lack of appetite, insomnia, inflammation, and other physical ailments.

What Are the Possible Side Effects of a Tarantula Joint?

Because tarantula joints come with ridiculously high amounts of THC due to so many components inside (some of which are concentrates), a person may easily experience side effects such as dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, and paranoid thinking patterns. Long story short, the tarantula joint isn’t a good starting place for new consumers.

Other side effects may include lack of coordination, impairment of judgement, dizziness, and extreme sedation.

People with current mental health problems or anxiety disorders should err on the side of caution when smoking a tarantula joint, as the enhanced THC content may produce too strong psychoactive effects for them to handle — potentially causing panic.

But overall, as long as you keep your smoking habits responsible, stay hydrated, and listen to more experienced friends, the likelihood of extreme side effects can be significantly reduced.

Possible Side Effects of a Tarantula Joint

A Final Hit on the Tarantula Joint

The tarantula joint is a piece of art. It really looks like the leg of a tarantula, and it makes you approach it with respect. With just a few ingredients, the tarantula joint packs an exceptionally strong dose of THC and CBD — leading to a powerful high packed with many health benefits, including fast relief from pain and inflammation.

If you feel experienced enough, follow this guide and make your own tarantula joint. If you still need more time to roll, at least, a straight doobie, take a trip around your local dispensaries to find the one that carries this type of rolled herb.

Would you try smoking a tarantula joint? Do you think it could allow you to overcome your fear of spiders?

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