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6 Highest THC Strains for 2019

6 Highest THC Strains for 2019

With over 700 cannabis strains in the world, it’s no wonder many people are looking for the one that will challenge their tolerance or allow to enjoy weed like it was the first time.

Although the THC is responsible for the strain’s potency, it’s crucial to learn that the strength of your high also depends on terpenes and other cannabinoids found in marijuana.

However, if you take a closer look at the history of cannabis, you’ll notice that pot is getting more powerful each year. In 2003 the average level of THC in marijuana was around 6.4%, but 15 years later, in 2018, these estimations were above 15%. It means that we’ve contributed to the greater potency of weed over the years of marijuana production, and thus we can enjoy the strongest selections of strains ever.

If you want to experience a powerful high or simply crave more THC in your life, consider trying one of the following strains:

1. Godfather OG

Godfather OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with crazy amounts of THC reaching over 34%! Named as the most potent marijuana strain in the world by High Times, Godfather OG is a cross between Granddaddy Purps, Cherry Pie and OG Kush. Also called “Don of all Kush”, the hybrid is not only extremely potent but also an absolutely top-notch quality flower.

The strain has won the “Best Indica Strain” title in the High Times Cannabis Cup and it’s famous for an exciting set of effects, such as happy yet calm high with a euphoric buzz followed by utter relaxation and tranquility.

Because of the high potency of the Godfather OG strain, it’s best to keep its intake in moderation, as this potent hybrid may get you couch-locked for a few hours.

Chemdawg Strain for THC

2. Chemdawg

The second highest THC cannabis strain of 2019 is Chemdawg, with a “slightly” over 32% of THC content. Bred by Next Harvest in Denver CO, the strain has won the Cannabis Cup, but still remains one of the most mysterious flowers. Its genetics remain unknown, but many people believe it’s a cross between Thai Sativa and Nepalese strains.

This indica-dominant strain comes with an intense aroma, which resembles the scent of diesel. Chemdawg induces a cerebral high and brings down an incredibly euphoric mood while relieving anxiety and stress. In fact, Chemdawg is ideal for those struggling with stress and pressure, as it comes with strong uplifting properties.

3. Irish Cream

Known for its exceptionally powerful and rich yields, the Irish Cream cannabis strain is a pure indica bred by Mighty Irish Seeds. Created by combining Real McCoy with Cookies and Cream strain, Irish Cream reaches as much as 28% of THC on average.

Irish Cream tastes like fresh herbs and pine, mixed with the typical dank aroma of weed. All in all, the flower provides an extremely delicious sensory experience.

The impressive potency of Irish Cream makes it ideal for medical patients suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain or stress. What effects to expect after consuming this indica strain? The initial high is mostly uplifting, it also induces total relaxation and calmness. In fact, Irish Cream can even make you very sleepy and sedated, putting you to sleep quickly. Thus, many marijuana users choose to use this indica as an evening strain.

4. White Tahoe Cookies

The next one on our list of the 5 highest THC strains of 2019 is a new cross named White Tahoe Cookies. Created by combining Tahoe OG, The White, and Girl Scout Cookies, the strain reaches 27% of THC content, which makes it one of the most potent marijuana strains in the world.

This indica-dominant hybrid strain produces delicious nugs that come with a typical OG flavor – sweet and seducing. The effects of White Tahoe Cookies strain combine complete relaxation with sensory enhancement. You’ll feel the effects within minutes, and the strain will leave you clear-minded and extremely happy.

Because of its heavy indica genetics, White Tahoe Cookies can quickly make you sedated for hours, even if you’re initially invigorated and full of energy. Thus, the hybrid is recommended for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep-related issues.

Strawberry Banana Strain THC

5. Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Strawberry Bubblegum with Crocket’s Banana Kush. The High Times has placed this strain in the “Strongest Strains on Earth” category during the Cannabis Cup three times in a row, and since Strawberry Banana levels of THC are estimated around 32%, we’re not surprised.

Although the strain has a deliciously lightweight name, don’t be fooled by it and keep the dosage in moderation. With such high levels of THC, this bud can be considered one of the highest THC strains of 2019. This indica-dominant hybrid comes with a whole palette of fruity tastes, accented by banana and strawberry flavors.

The high induced by the Strawberry Banana strain is mostly cerebral. The hybrid promotes focus and relaxation while causing sedation and couch-lock in the later stage. As for the medical use of marijuana, it’s a wonderful choice for those suffering from insomnia, depression, PTSD and chronic pain.

6. White Widow

One of the world-famous classics, White Widow is still considered one of the most potent strains of all times. With its mind-blowing THC content reaching even 30%, the strain is popular for its ability to produce crazy amounts of trichomes on its buds.

Created by crossing South Indian Indica with Brazil Sativa, White Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an interesting terpene profile. The strain smells earthy, spicy and pungent while having a delicately sweet and woody flavor.

As for the effects, White Widow promotes energizing and euphoric mood, but it may also cause a heavy laughing session. Medical marijuana patients use this hybrid for chronic pain, depression, PTSD, migraines and muscle spasms.

Summarizing the 6 Highest THC Strains of 2019

Although the potency of each strain may vary depending on your tolerance and how you react to certain terpenes and cannabinoid content, we hope that you’ve got to know some of our favorite highest-THC strains of 2019.

Do you have any favorite high-THC strain? What is the most powerful marijuana strain you’ve ever tried? Share your story in the comments below!

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