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What is Rick Simpson Oil?

What is Rick Simpson Oil

If you’re looking for medical marijuana oil online, you’ll eventually come across Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Some people call this oil the ultimate cure for cancer, and you’re probably wondering how accurate this statement is.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about Rick Simpson, his story, and everything you need to know about Rick Simpson Oil. Read on to explore scientific findings and clear up any confusion about this popular medical marijuana format.

Rick Simpson and His Story

Rick Simpson was an average man working as an engineer in a Canadian hospital. His job in there was to cover asbestos on boiler pipes with duct tape.

Due to poor ventilation in the area, he passed out and ended up in the emergency room. Unfortunately, the incidents became more frequent and left him with ringing in his ears, which forced him to take prescription drugs.

Rick didn’t want to take traditional medications and immediately found a natural alternative in the cannabis plant. Because of the improvement in his situation, Rick started exploring the plant and stopped using traditional medicine at all.

A few years later, Rick discovered he had some cancerous lumps on his skin. He decided to put some cannabis-based oil on his arm and the results were extremely surprising for his doctors.

Since then, the oil he invented has helped patients with a range of serious conditions, including glaucoma, melanoma, and skin diseases. Additionally, many people reported that RSO relieved the symptoms of epilepsy, diabetes, pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, asthma and other conditions.

Rick Simpson Oil - What Is It

Rick Simpson Oil – What Is It?

With a wide range of oils available on the market these days, you’re probably wondering why the buzz around the RSO and what makes it so unique.

Because Cannabis Indica strains are mostly recommended for treating physical ailments, Rick Simpson Oil is usually made from these types of marijuana plants. However, RSO can also be produced from Sativa strains to tackle mental issues.

Rick Simpson Oil is a very potent, full spectrum marijuana plant extract. This means it comes not only with very high levels of THC but it’s also packed with other valuable cannabinoids. When it comes to THC, Rick Simpson Oil reaches up to 50%-60% of this compound on average, depending on the strain used for extraction Interestingly, there’s also a CBD-rich version of the extract available for sale, and it’s called CBD Phoenix Tears.

Rick Simpson Oil is usually recommended for cancer patients, but keep in mind it comes with high levels of THC, which can induce strong psychoactive effects.

Rick Simpson Oil – Is It Legal?

Given the high concentration of THC, the marijuana-derived Rick Simpson Oil is legal in Canada and in the U.S. states with recreational or medical marijuana laws, as well as in other countries where cannabis is federally accepted.

If you live in a place where marijuana is illegal, you may want to consider trying the hemp version of RSO, which has plenty of CBD but only trace amounts of THC.

What Science Says About The Rick Simpson Oil

There aren’t many long-term medical studies on cannabis and marijuana-based products, which results from over 70 years of cannabis prohibition in the US. However, there are a few studies using cancer cells or lab mice that show promising results.

In 2006 the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Spain conducted a study with 9 patients suffering from advanced glioblastoma multiforme. Divided into two groups, patients were injected with THC or a placebo directly into the brain. Although none of the patients had survived cancer, the group where patients were given THC injections lived an average of a month longer.

You can also find a paper published in Life Sciences back in 2014 with the findings of the influence of THC on skin cancer cells in mice. It turns out that THC may reduce the amount of skin cancer cells.

Although we still need more research on high-THC extracts and cancer, many  patients turn to medical marijuana for relief from a range of cancer symptoms and chemotherapy-induced side effects, such as vomiting, nausea, and pain.

How to Make RSO

How to Make RSO

If you like experimenting and want to try making your own RSO, here is everything you need to know how to do it at home:

In order to make Rick Simpson Oil, you’ll need 99% of isopropyl alcohol; you can also use ethanol, butane or another solvent.

The process of making RSO also requires a bucket, deep bowl, spoon for stirring, plastic catheter tip syringe, cheesecloth, and rice cooker.

And, of course, the marijuana strain you want to use for making Rick Simpson Oil.

Step 1

Place your dry marijuana buds in the bucket. Pour the isopropyl alcohol to cover it completely, crushing and stirring the cannabis at the same time. Don’t stop stirring for the next 3 minutes to allow the solvent to strip THC off the plant matter.

Step 2

Using the cheesecloth, drain the alcohol from your buds into the bowl and place the cannabis material back in the bucket.

Step 3

Add more alcohol to the bucket and start stirring for the next 3 minutes. Now drain the solvent from the mixture again. Discard the remaining buds.

Step 4

Fill your rice cooker with the solvent to about ¾ of its height and turn it on. Do not let the mixture exceed 300F degrees. It’s best to keep the temperature steady, as it allows for decarboxylation without destroying cannabinoids. Every time your solvent evaporates, add more to the rice cooker.

Steps to Make RSO

Step 5

Once your solvent is completely gone, you can place your RSO oil into a syringe and use it.

Mind that Rick Simpson Oil is very concentrated and definitely more powerful than most marijuana products. Therefore, you should take your dosing lightly.

We also recommend consulting with your physician who supports the use of medical marijuana for advice on how to dose RSO.

A Final Hit on Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson is not a medical professional, but this hasn’t stopped him from inventing one of the most popular marijuana oils these days. Although we still need more clinical trials and research to find conclusive evidence about its effectiveness, there are lots of anecdotal claims you can find online from patients using RSO for a wide range conditions.

Have you ever tried Rick Simpson Oil? What is your experience with cannabis oils in general?

Feel free to share your story in the comments below!

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