Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

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Gone are the days when marijuana-infused edibles would only be gummies and brownies. Our taste pallets are lucky to now have access to three mushroom stews, cannabis caramel sauce, macaroni and cheese, Thai iced tea, and a lot more. Cookbooks are now being dedicated to help you experiment and find perfect recipes for yourself. You will be even happier to read that Canada cannabis edibles are beneficial to our health. Here’s why!

Eating is healthier than smoking

Cooking and ingesting marijuana doesn’t have the side-effects posed to our health by smoking. Inhalation of hot smoke causes inflammation of our respiratory system and accumulation of tar in our lungs. However, eating edibles has a varying psychoactive reaction to our bodies. Our livers convert the food into 11-OH-THC. The THC is different from the kind produced while smoking and results in a prolonged high.

Health Benefits of Raw Cannabis Leaves

Yes, hemp gets us high, but we often forget that it is after all, a plant. Raw hemp leaves are an excellent source of numerous vitamins, multiple minerals and fiber. It consists of:

  • Vitamin K that prevents blood clotting
  • Vitamin C that strengthens our immune system
  • Calcium that toughens are bones
  • Folate that assists DNA repair
  • Iron that oxygenates your blood
  • Fiber that improves our digestive health


Raw, as well as cooked cannabis pack tons of antioxidants. The elements avert cancer and blood vessel disease, while guarding our bodies from free radicals and stress that deteriorate our health over time.

Pain Relief

Smoking marijuana results in a one to two hour high, while ingesting weed results in four to six hour high. Consuming food infused with marijuana offers us long-lasting pain relief for people who need help neutralizing chronic or temporary pain.

Getting high isn’t mandatory

THC is the primary psychoactive chemical found in Cannabis. Raw un-aged weed contains Cannabinoid, THCA which doesn’t consist of psychoactive properties. THCA converts into THC once it undergoes the process of decarboxylation, that ages it and exposes it to heat. Incorporating raw un-aged weed can offer you all health benefits without making you high.


A number of studies have confirmed that marijuana effectively cures nausea. Since it takes 90 minutes for edibles to take effect the cure isn’t appropriate for emergency situations, however can be used in recurring or permanent health conditions, such as menstrual cramps and chemotherapy.

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