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Best Gummies for Edible Lovers

Best Gummies for Edible Lovers

For us, Canadian edibles are the sweetest edibles, hands down. They come in plenty of colors and offer tantalizing flavor; but most importantly, they’re always available and super easy to dose.

It’s difficult to kill the vibe with THC-infused gummies, as the majority of these sweets rarely contain more than 10 mg a pop. This way, you can easily pace yourself, unlike with larger edibles.

Want to get slightly elevated and keep yourself in this state throughout the day? Two or three pieces a day will do the trick.

Thinking about getting ridiculously stoned before bed? Face the challenge and run your hungry fingers down the whole bag.

Weed gummies give you the greatest number of options when it comes to dosing THC. And we want to give you some mouthwatering options to munch on the next week.

In this article, we’ll show you our best gummies for all Canadian edibles lovers out there. But first, let’s discuss the prices of weed gummies.

Are Weed Gummies Expensive?

We believe you aren’t that naive to think you can get any high-quality edible for a bargain price. But on the whole, weed gummies are usually on the more affordable side — mostly due to their size and potency.

When buying weed gummies in a dispensary, you might get a bag for anywhere from $10 to $40, depending on the number of gummies in the jar, THC potency, and the size of the gummy.

Best Weed Gummies for Edible Lovers

Best Weed Gummies for Edible Lovers

The best weed gummies on the market are made from premium ingredients such as organic hemp, and without artificial additives that could compromise their quality. If you want to make sure that the gummies you’re buying are not only potent but also safe, ask your vendor for third-party testing reports from a certified laboratory. These lab reports analyze the cannabinoid content of the end product and can detect over 200 common contaminants.

The gummies we have selected in our ranking meet all the above quality criteria and offer some of the most exciting flavors you’ll ever get the pleasure to munch on.

Go and find yourself a treat!

1. Mary’s THC Gummies (Sativa Bunnies, Sour Swirls & Westcoast Teddies)

Mary’s is one of the top edible companies in Canada and their THC gummies are for everyone and for everything. Whether you’re looking for an energy boost in the morning or want to get medicated with a potent dose of THC, Mary’s weed gummies are great for the job.

We love the sativa bunnies because they give you that extra punch and cerebral buzz without the jittery feelings caused by coffee. If you like your wake n’ bake ritual but would like to indulge in a smoke-free method, these gummies will soon become your best friends.

The bunnies, as well as Sour Swirls and Westcoast Teddies are super potent, carrying 55 mg THC.

CBD Sunshower Gummies

2. CBD Sunshower Gummies

Canada’s favorite gummies come from one of the top Canada CBD companies. These gummies are now infused with 10 mg CBD per gummy, which is a perfect dose for those who are still trying to find their ideal CBD dosage. 10 mg increments allow the user to increase the amount of ingested CBD without taking too much at a time. 

CBD gummies are better suited for people who would like to kick back and relax after work but don’t handle the psychoactive effects of THC. Each soft and chewy bite is filled with juicy flavors such as green apple, blackberry, raspberry, mango-tangerine, and pineapple. There are 15 gummies in the bottle.

3. SeC High Seas Gummies

Another top company to buy edibles online Canada edition, are SEC. These gummies are priced at the higher end — and 3 gummies per bag isn’t a lion’s share — but that’s well justified with the THC:CBD ratio they offer. Each clamshell-shaped High Seas gummy features 25 mg each, of both THC and CBD. High Seas gummies are good option to consider if you’re looking for well-balanced psychoactive effects with greater medical benefits due to the elevated CBD content. 

4. Faded Cannabis Gummies

Faded Cannabis makes some of the best gummies on the market as of right now. Not only are these chewy treats chock full of delicious flavors such as dark grape or rainbow sherbet, but they also carry a potent dose of THC. With 20 mg of THC per piece, you can easily get high for a few hours with just a couple of gummies. Each bag carries 8 sweets, so you can get yourself a week’s worth of supply or empty the whole bag with your buddies during one session — it’s up to you!

eC Strawberry Feels 50 mg CBD

5. SeC Strawberry Feels 50 mg CBD

Here’s another inconspicuously small bag of two potent gummies that will change your understanding of the word “relaxation.” These are hands down one of the most tantalizing CBD sweets we’ve ever stumbled upon — their bag appeal is hypnotizing.

On top of packing 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD, SeC Strawberry Feels are made with 100% organic ingredients, satisfying your sweet tooth with a not-so-guilty pleasure. The gummies have been made using solvent-free extraction and are lab-tested for safety. One piece before bedtime can contribute to a whole night of deep, restful sleep.

6. SeC 35 mg THC Gummies

Now, that’s what we call royal edibles. These adorable blue raspberry gemmies pack a sour kick of flavor with only a small dose of THC. At 5 mg per gummy, these little treats are best consumed as a daily mood booster and to keep the user elevated throughout the day, without inducing overwhelming psychoactive effects. If you’re sensitive to THC or just savor microdosing, this will be your best bet.

SeC 40 mg THC Fruit Salad

7. SeC 40 mg THC Fruit Salad

Looking for a nice, functional daytime high? The Sec Canadian edibles Fruit Salad seems like a reasonable pick here. Each of these colorful gummies has been infused with a handy dose of 10 mg THC. Not so much for microdosing, but a couple of these candies is capable of getting you pretty stoned. Fortunately, the 10 mg dosage isn’t enough to make the user uncomfortable or anxious, so long as they don’t swallow the whole bag at once. The SeC THC Fruit Salad features 4 flavors: Banana, Cherry, Grape, and Lemon.

What are your favorite weed gummies? Do you prefer THC- or CBD-infused edibles? Let us know in the comments!

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