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Top 20 Indica Marijuana Strains

Top 20 Indica Marijuana Strains

Indica cannabis strains originated in desert mountain regions, probably in the mountains of Afghanistan or the Hindu Kush area of India that adapted to harsh climates.

Indica plants are usually small and bushy, with dense branches and broad leaves growing generous foliage and plenty of buds. This variety of cannabis doesn’t need a lot of water which isn’t surprising given the regions they come from.

Growers prefer indica plants for indoor spaces, as they tend to grow shorter and flower faster than their sativa counterparts.

Although it’s difficult to find a pure indica strain — the majority of cannabis flowers are hybrids these days — there are several buds that exhibit world-class quality and can make you fall in love with this particular species.

Today, we’ll show you our top 20 indica marijuana strains to try by the end of 2019.

1. Chemo Kush

Chemo Kush is a 100% indica strain with a mysterious origin. The plant was first bred between the late 60s and early 70s in British Colombia.

Featuring a whopping THC content sitting at around 29%, Chemo Kush can pack a psychoactive punch and an array of medical benefits.

The Chemo Kush strain grows beautiful buds in a dark purple color and spade-shaped buds that are covered with a generous blanket of crystal trichomes.

This strain features a powerful body high, although you can also experience mild cerebral effects as well. Despite its high THC content, it doesn’t induce an overwhelming buzz. Instead, Chemo Kush offers mellow relaxation followed by a couch-lock effect in high doses. 

Chemo Kush is widely appreciated for its ability to provide muscle relaxation, appetite boost, and stress relief.

Chemo Kush

2. OG God Kush (OGG)

Our second best indica marijuana strain, OG God Kush is an 80/20 indica leaning hybrid with THC levels that can hit as high as 23%/

The high from OG God Kush is utterly relaxing and accompanied by a creative vibe. As the high continues to spread throughout the body, users should be prepared for a serious appetite boost — this is where you should indulge in a hearty meal or your favorite snacks. These effects are further followed by some laziness, so this strain is best consumed in the evening.

The moderate potency of OG God Kush makes it a good strain for both beginners and veterans alike, especially for those suffering from sleep disorders.

3. Nuken

Nuken is a 100% indica Canadian plant created by crossbreeding afghani hybrid Kish with God Bud. At 25% THC, this strain is considered moderately-strong. Its potency might be overwhelming for new consumers, but veterans should easily enjoy its benefits without too much cerebral stimulation.

The effects of Nuken include feelings of euphoria that’s still more cerebral than physical. At its peak, you’ll feel utterly relaxed, focused, and high like a plain but still able to get your things done.

This uplifting high can prove invaluable for people seeking relief from chronic stress, anxiety, trauma, and depression. Its sedative nature, in turn, makes Nuken a perfect strain for insomniacs.

4. Zombie Kush

A cross between Amnesia, Bubba Kush, and Lavender Kush, Zombie Kush is an 80% indica-dominant hybrid. The strain has moderately high levels of THC around 20% on average, so it should suit both experienced and novice consumers.

The high starts at the back of the user’s head with a nice tingling and buzzing. You won’t be overwhelmed by the effects, though. As the high continues, your body becomes relaxed, sending away any pains, cramps, and tension.

Zombie Kush is mostly recommended for people with anxiety and depression, but it also has many applications in recovery — it’s one of the best indica marijuana strains in sports that are hard on joints.

Zombie Kush

5. Strawberry Banana

This dank, heavily indica-dominant bud is one of the best indica strains in 2019 when it comes to flavor and potency, with THC levels between 22–26%. Strawberry banana grows quite big for an indica and may need to be topped to control its height.

The Strawberry Banana strain produces a nice relaxing stone. It’s mostly about physical relaxation followed by gentle euphoria and a creativity boost. When consumed in higher doses, it can lead to a powerful couch-lock and a serious case of munchies.

6. Kosher Kush

A 3-straight winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for the best indica marijuana strain, Kosher Kush is an extremely potent bud that can pack up to 29% THC. 

Unique woody flavors, similar to eucalyptus, make Kosher Kush redolent of some White Widow phenotypes. This strain is not a creeper; it hits immediately and can get pretty heavy over time, so make sure that you have a high tolerance to THC before consuming this bud.

Such powerful psychoactive and physical effects exhibit an array of medical users, from chronic pain relief to reduced inflammation and alleviated anxiety.

7. Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet descends from legendary Girl Scout Cookies, with a THC content sitting at around 20%. This strain grows bushy plants that show a stunning magenta-purple color during their flowering cycle. 

Minty and fruity, Sunset Sherbet also releases notes such as berry, menthol, and chocolate, being one of the best indica marijuana strains in terms of aromas and flavors.

This strain is a real deal for those weed aficionados who appreciate a strong euphoric body-stone that can spark an inspiring conversation or a sudden outburst of laughter.

Sunset Sherbet

8. Money Maker

Money Maker has gotten its name for a good reason. It’s a very productive plant that can yield upwards of 2 kg when grown outdoors. It features mouthwatering, resin-soaked buds that exhibit its indica traits to the bone. 

The effects of Money Maker are as classic as its appearance. They include heavy indica sedation combined with mild cerebral euphoria and a powerful stone at higher doses. Money Maker is best consumed in moderation, although the nutty aroma mixed with pungent garlic and fruitcake makes it difficult not to overindulge in this sticky-icky.

9. Critical Kush

Critical Kush is the holy grail of indica purists. This 100% indica strain boasts 14-20% of THC on average, producing dense, leafy buds in a saturated-green color broken by a delicate, violet hue.

The Critical Kush strain is very perfumey and kushy — an aroma that might not suit everybody, but we were dazzled by how gentle it was to our nostrils. It’s not the most beautiful strain out there, but it definitely represents a standard “high-grade appearance.”

Critical Kush is one of the most soothing indica strains out there. The high is heavy, body-focused, with a therapeutic cerebral buzz that clears the head from any worries and allows you to unwind after a stressful day.

10. Bubba Kush

Deriving from a supposed Northern Lights pheno, Bubba Kush is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid. A true ultimate dank bud, Bubba Kush grows thick and stocky plants with resinous, compact flowers.

On top of the gleaming of resin, Bubba Kush provides a sweet and a bit perfumey aroma. As for the effects, users may expect a typical indica high that includes lethargy, relaxation, and increased appetite.

Bubba Kush is a great choice for migraine sufferers and those struggling with eating disorders. It can also lull you to sleep in no time if you consume it in the evening.

Bubba Kush

11. Afgooey

Bred by Growers from Oregon, Afgooey features Afghani genetics combined with rare Hawaiian Maui Haze traits — boasting up to 20% THC. It comes with remarkably creative and uplifting qualities, but it also delivers relaxing and sedating effects, especially in inexperienced users.

When smoking Afooey, you’ll be mesmerized by its dessert, fruit and hash Afghani smoke that is surprisingly easy on the lungs. This strain is great for sleep and relaxing; medical marijuana patients often praise it for its ability to relieve symptoms of glaucoma.

12. Grand Daddy Purple

An extremely photogenic strain, Grand Daddy Purple is one of the most popular Indica strains on the west coast and results from crossbreeding Purple Urkle with Big Bud.

The dark purple buds blend well with the vibrant orange pistils and are frosted with white trichomes that generate a crystal coating of resin. 

Perfect for evening and nighttime use, Grand Daddy Purple affects both the body and mind, but eventually fades from the mind into a smooth physical buzz like most indicas. If you’re not experienced with heavy indica flowers, we recommend taking one or two hits and waiting a few minutes before inhaling more.

13. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a 100% indica strain with a memorable taste alongside a balanced high. Although actually more blueberry than cheesy, Blue Cheese arrives with 20% THC, bringing a well-rounded profile of effects to the table.

Buds of Blue Cheese are large and very dense in structure, light green, and threaded through with copper-colored pistils. This is a very resinous strain, and flowers are correspondingly sticky to the touch.

The high from Blue Cheese creeps up slowly, with an initial headrush gradually transforming into a relaxing body stone perfect for mellow evenings.

Blue Cheese

14. CBD Nordle

CBD Nordle is one of the best high-CBD indica marijuana strains with a unique ratio of THC to CBD — there’s 10% of each cannabinoid inside CBD Nordle’s flowers.

This strain wafts a pungent aroma that includes onion, garlic, fruit, and delicate hints of skunk. With such a balanced ratio of CBD to THC, you can expect a mellow high that relaxes the muscles and relieves pain, while easing anxiety and other mood disorders.

15. Sensi Star

Sensi Star is a superb-quality indica plant that has scored the highest number of awards for an indica-dominant hybrid to this day. This strain has been tested at over 20% THC, so it can pack a serious punch.

Sensi Star grows heavy nuggets with silvery orange hairs that make them look very fresh and vibrant. Structure-wise, Sensi Star buds are fat and clustered together, which only adds to their amazing appearance.

This strain is often the choice for those looking to ease chronic aches and pains. Sensi Star can make even severe pain manageable. However, its heavy physical effects are better suited for the evening and nighttime use because users tend to get lazy after consuming Sensi Star.

16. Blueberry

A top-shelf indica marijuana strain, Blueberry has won many prestigious awards since its introduction in the late 1970s, such as the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica.

The sweet taste of fresh blueberries blends very well with relaxing effects to produce a long-lasting high filled with feelings of euphoria and complete relaxation. Medical cannabis patients use Blueberry to alleviate pain and stress.


17. Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush is one of the classic landrace strains originating from the Hindu Kush mountain range close o the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It has evolved over centuries, perfecting its genetics with time. This strain was the go-to pick for making hash such as charas and black Afghani Hash.

The buds of Afghan Kush are massive and full of resin, providing generous yields to even inexperienced growers. This pure indica produces a telltale indica high, with powerfully sedating effects, cerebral bliss, and relief from tension. Afghan Kush is the best indica marijuana strain to relax after a long day.

18. Hindu Kush

Another pure indica staple named after the aforementioned mountain range, Hindu Kush has adapted to its harsh homeland, managing to produce heavy amounts of crystal trichomes that are appreciated by hashish makers across the world. 

With a delicately sweet and earthy aroma redolent of sandalwood, Hindu Kush brings the user in the new level of calm, which is much deeper than typical indica relaxation. This strain brings relief to those suffering from nausea, stress disorders, trauma, pain, and depression.

19. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is often listed among the best and most famous indica marijuana strains of all time. This pure indica is appreciated for its fast flowering, generous yields, resinous buds, and one-of-a-kind type of high.

Releasing pungently sweet, spicy fragrances from the resin-coated buds, Northern Lights’ psychoactive effects are mostly body-centered, embracing the mind with dreamy euphoria and comfortable laziness.

On the medical note, Northern Lights is the go-to choice for those with depression, chronic anxiety, inflammation, sleep disorders, and different types of pain.

Northern Lights

20. Lithium OG

Lithium OG is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid deriving from OG Kush and Master Kush. This strain grows medium-sized buds that are typical of most indica strains out there. Once you break up the buds, Lithium OG releases citrusy fragrances with distinct notes of diesel and pine, accentuated by fruity and kushy undertones.

Lithium OG induces a slowly creeping high that starts with cerebral euphoria and an energetic buzz throughout the body. The invigorating effects give the front seat to mellow relaxation that still leaves the user uplifted. Chances are, you won’t need to seek refuge in the nearest couch as long as you smoke Lithium OG responsibly.

What are your top indica marijuana strains? Tell us about your picks in the comments!

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