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Cannabis Slang: Bud, Flower, Nugs, and More

Cannabis Slang: Bud, Flower, Nugs, and More

Cannabis: A Plant with More Names Than Strains

Weed, marijuana, MJ, Aunt Mary, bud, nugget, sinsemilla, Platinum Jack—there are more than 1,200 recorded names, all referring to the same thing, which in the world of science goes by the name cannabis.

Cannabis culture continues to grow. That means new trends, technologies, expressions, and slang—and some that might take you by surprise when you buy bud online.

From Science to Silly

If we measured popularity based on the number of nicknames, then our friend Mary Jane would be the coolest kid of all. From cannabis to bash, weed and Barbara Jean, doobie to good stuff, the list of names varies greatly.

We all know cannabis, which is the genus of flowering plants in the family cannabaceae. Then there are names that sound like someone might have overindulged in the best cannabis flower ever purchased online before making it up. (Yes, I am looking at you, Boo Boo Bama.)

We have selected our favourite names and slang below, with some fun facts for you to share high and wide.

Common Names when Buying Bud Online

Despite the endless list of names, only a handful are commonly used when referring to the best cannabis flower available online. The name cannabis, as mentioned above, comes from the plant’s scientific Latin name.


Weed refers to the way of smoking, not the plant itself.


Pot comes from the name “potación de guava,” also known as the “drink of grief,” a Mexican wine and cannabis leaf beverage.


Marijuana is the original Spanish name for cannabis, which in some circles is considered racist and, therefore, should be avoided. 


A nug is a showroom-ready, high-quality, cultivated and manicured bud from a plant.


Like nug, this term describes a specific part of the marijuana plant.


The common belief is that this expression comes from Jamaica, but it actually comes from the Hindi word for the hemp plant: ganjha. It stems from the British occupation of Jamaica, when thousands of Indian workers were moved to the Caribbean island and brought the plant with them.


Widely used during the 1960s and ‘70s during the flower power era, “sacred grass” is one of five sacred Indian plants and a common ritual offering to Shiva, the God of Creation, Destruction, and Arts.


While the cannabis plant is categorized as an herb, most people use this name when referring to the plant’s smokable products.


This name refers to cannabis in its plant form, and the specific ‘flower’ of the female plants.

So, What Name Should You Use?

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference when deciding what word to use. Cannabis and weed are names that tend to be more widely used.

Now, when cannabis is becoming legal in more and more areas, you may hear scientists, politicians, and your 75-year-old neighbour discussing (and using!) the plant.

Our parents may still refer to it as grass or reefer, while dope and doobie are common names used by today’s younger generation.

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