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Do you Suffer From Appetite Loss? Medical Cannabis Can Help

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We’ve all heard of the munchies, an increase in appetite that can occur after cannabis consumption. When members of the general public buy marijuana online, the subsequent amplified desire to snack may come as a negative. Largely driven by the media, munchies equal weight gain, stomach aches, sugar crashes, and an empty pantry. Why would anyone want to experience that?

However, for many individuals, the option to boost their appetite isn’t just a desire but a necessity! Depression, eating disorders, wasting syndromes, and even harsh treatments like chemotherapy can all negatively impact one’s ability to eat. 

The solution? Potent cannabis, rich in THC. While THC is most commonly recognized as the chief psychoactive chemical in marijuana, it boasts innumerable other beneficial effects and attributes. Rather than being seen as a detriment, for those struggling to get through a meal, the munchies are a miracle.

How Does the Marijuana I Buy Online Affect Appetite?

Appetite is defined as the desire to eat food. While hunger is one of the most common means of encouraging appetite, other factors also play a role. The senses, especially sight, taste, and smell, definitely impact hunger levels.

When tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is consumed, the chemical interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS.) THC has the potential to elicit both mental and physical effects, while including various bodily functions including hunger.

Various parts of the brain can influence hunger, including the basal ganglia, hypothalamus, limbic forebrain, and rhombencephalon. THC enhances both flavour and one’s sense of pleasure, while lowering food-intake inhibitions. 

It can also incite the release of certain appetite-stimulating hormones in the stomach and intestines, namely ghrelin. Further, THC has the potential to bind with and activate specific receptors that slow the release of the amino acid PYY, which regulates hunger. 

Who Needs an Appetite Boost?

While many people rue the munchies, a number of demographics find the hunger-stimulating attributes of cannabis to be a blessing. Plenty of serious illnesses cause unwanted weight loss, nausea, and a decrease in appetite. 

Some of the more well-known ailments, including cancer, HIV, and AIDS, can result in wasting syndrome in some individuals. Wasting syndrome, also called cachexia, can cause a loss of appetite and, subsequently, a severe drop in one’s weight and bone density. This can lead to organ failure and potentially death, making the need for a high hunger drive even more integral.

Cannabis is also of value to cancer patients experiencing pain and inflammation caused by the disease itself. In addition, cannabis boasts antiemetic abilities, effectively reducing sensations of nausea commonly associated with chemo and radiation therapies.

It isn’t strictly physical illnesses that can cause appetite loss. Various mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and some eating disorders have the potential to diminish appetite. While depression can lead to motivation loss and a total disinterest in food, anxiety disorders can increase nausea and cause indigestion, effectively killing appetite. 

Thankfully, cannabis is known to minimize these and many other symptoms of depression and anxiety. And with both its hunger-driving abilities and mood-boosting proficiency, it comes as no surprise that buying marijuana online would be just the thing to encourage eating. 

Are You Getting Hungry?

Who knew we would one day be celebrating the munchies! But that day has come, and with good reason. Cannabis encourages appetite, not just in those consuming cannabis for recreational purposes, but also in those that genuinely need the boost. Whether you are experiencing a mental health issue, a physical illness, or you simply want to enhance your cannabis-snacking experience, you’ll be set when you buy cannabis online in Canada.

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