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How to Consume Marijuana Drinks

How to Consume Marijuana Drinks

Whether you’re looking for soothing relief or an exciting recreational experience, there are many ways to consume marijuana. While some prefer smoking or vaping, not everyone likes to inhale their marijuana. If you’re looking for an enjoyable, smokeless method of consumption, you might want to learn how to consume marijuana drinks.

Marijuana drinks work a lot like edibles. They’ll give you a powerful, long-lasting high simply by consuming them. They come in many types and flavors and you can even make marijuana drinks yourself. With that said, you should avoid taking too much when using marijuana drinks. Here’s a guide on marijuana drinks and how to use them.

What Are Marijuana Drinks?

If you’re looking for a fun way to get the effects of cannabinoids, marijuana drinks are an excellent choice. Also known as cannabis drinks, THC drinks, or weed drinks, these are beverages that have been infused with cannabis. When you drink them, you’ll get the same kind of high you’d get from smoking cannabis or using other cannabis products.

While marijuana drinks can deliver the same kind of THC effects you’d get from smoking or vaping, they’re also much stronger. The effects are also much longer-lasting. According to research, the effects of orally-consumed cannabis generally take 30 – 90 minutes to kick in. Once they kick in, they peak at 2 – 3 hours after consumption but last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours.

Since they’re consumed orally, marijuana drinks offer a similar experience to marijuana edibles. With that said, many users will prefer getting the effects of marijuana from an infused soda or a refreshing drink of cannabis iced tea. Not only can you buy cannabis beverages online, but you can make them yourself using cannabis tinctures.

THC Drinks vs. CBD Drinks

Cannabis drinks come in various forms. For instance, you can get cannabis soda, tea, coffee, fruit juice, and even alcoholic beverages infused with weed. However, you’ll find two main types of cannabis drinks that deliver very different experiences – THC drinks and CBD drinks. This simply refers to the cannabinoids they’re infused with.

THC drinks will deliver a powerful psychoactive high. THC is known to relax your body, enliven your mind, and provide a range of other noticeable physical and mental effects. THC drinks offer a more potent and longer-lasting high than other THC products. As such, they’re a good choice for medical and recreational cannabis users.

CBD drinks offer many of the same perks as THC drinks without the psychoactive high. If you want a relaxing, high-free alternative to regular marijuana drinks, CBD drinks are a great choice. Although they won’t get you high, they can still be very enjoyable to use. What’s more, since they’re non-psychoactive, you won’t need to worry about accidentally drinking too much and experiencing adverse side effects.

THC Drinks vs. CBD Drinks

How To Consume Marijuana Drinks

How to consume marijuana drinks depends on whether you’re using THC drinks or CBD drinks. Although using them is as simple as drinking them and waiting for the effects, the amount you should use can vary significantly. You should always make sure you check the labeling on your drink to see the dosage size and recommended use.

For THC drinks, it’s best to start with a dose of 10mg of THC. It’s plenty to give you strong psychoactive effects without being too overwhelming. Experienced users may wish to increase their dosage by 5 – 10mg with each subsequent use. However, make sure you avoid taking too much – this can result in anxiety, paranoia, nausea, and other uncomfortable side effects.

When using CBD drinks, you won’t need to worry as much about how much you drink. CBD is non-psychoactive and very safe to use, even in high doses. Keep in mind that, whether you’re using THC or CBD drinks, it can take a while for the cannabinoids to digest and reach your system. As such, you may need to wait for 30 – 90 minutes before feeling any effects.

Where To Get Marijuana Drinks

The best way to get high-quality marijuana drinks is to buy them from a trusted dispensary. For extra convenience, you can even order them online. For instance, if you’re looking for some great weed-infused beverages available for delivery, you can order them online at My Green Solution.

Golden Monkey Extracts Tropical Punch is a great choice for those who want a sweet and satisfying cannabis drink. You can pour the contents into a cup or jug with cold water and ice. Since each pack contains 150mg of THC, you may wish to use this in small servings.

Golden Monkey Extracts Iced Tea is another top option. If you enjoy the refreshing experience of drinking iced tea, you can make it even more relaxing with this cannabis-infused iced tea. Each pack contains 150mg of THC, so use it appropriately and don’t drink too much at once.

How To Make Marijuana Drinks

If you can’t buy the marijuana beverage you want, you can make it yourself instead. It’s quick and easy to make cannabis beverages simply by adding a dose of cannabis tincture to your beverage of choice. Not only can you make a wide range of THC beverages this way, but you can also enjoy homemade CBD beverages.

You can buy Cannabis Tinctures online in various forms. If you’re looking for psychoactive effects, make sure you choose a THC tincture. For non-psychoactive beverages, use CBD tincture. You can also find tinctures that provide a mix of THC and CBD, giving you the best of both worlds.

Simply use the dropper to add a dose of your THC or CBD tincture to your juice, coffee, tea, smoothie, or any other beverage. Mix thoroughly and enjoy your drink. It’s best to start with a dose of 10 – 25mg of THC or CBD, but you can experiment and add more if you wish.

How To Make Marijuana Drinks


Learning how to consume marijuana drinks can lead to some stellar experiences. THC drinks will give you a powerful, long-lasting high whereas CBD drinks can deliver a relaxing high-free experience. You can buy cannabis drinks yourself or even make them using cannabis tinctures. Whichever way, you can order what you need online at My Green Solution.