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How to Order Recreational Marijuana in Canada

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How does one buy recreational weed online without physically seeing, touching, and smelling the fragrant buds of a potential purchase? Online dispensaries have up-leveled our access to quality cannabis and made it easier to find what we want. 

There is access to many strains, products, and grades to suit any outcome desired with online shopping. For those who wish to keep their recreational use private, ordering online is simple, fast, and discreet. 

Let’s look at these key points: 

  • Quality 
  • Delivery methods 
  • Discretion
  • Method of payment

How Do I Check The Quality of What I Order? 

We don’t know for certain the quality of a product ordered until it arrives on our doorstep. It is possible, however, to minimize this risk. A few ways to do this include doing some homework, asking questions, and looking at customer ratings.

Be wary of ads offering cheap weed. For online dispensaries, look at the product descriptions to see if the grower or producer and product information is shared. For more details, ask questions through the online chat or submission form. 

Note whether the online dispensary provides additional information such as an FAQ section and a blog with helpful articles. Get all your questions answered before completing your purchase. 

Next, take a look at customer reviews. The age of information gives us access to authentic feedback. Be mindful, however, and do not base your decision on reviews alone, as these are subject to personal opinion. 


How Will My Product Be Delivered?

Delivery times and methods matter. How soon do you need that package, and how does this compare to how long shipments actually take to arrive? Look at the delivery methods and costs and be sure they work for you. 

If you are concerned about safety and privacy, you can have your product delivered to a post office instead of your home.

How Discreet is Online Ordering? 

In Canada, it is not legal to open a package that is not addressed to you. This protects those cannabis consumers who wish to be discreet about their recreational usage. Further, Canada Post is required by law to deliver mail to the address on the envelope. 

Although recreational cannabis is legal, there is still some stigma. Online dispensaries use neutral packaging and airtight containers to protect the privacy of their customers. 

What Payment Method Do I Use? 

The method of payment for buying recreational weed online will differ from site to site. Like shopping for other products online in Canada, Interac e-transfer and credit card payments tend to be the most common methods used. 

Regardless of the payment method, be sure the payment page is secure. Look for “HTTPS” and the padlock icon in the website address (URL) on the payment page. 

What Else to Look For When Buying Recreational Weed Online

Here are a few extra tips: 

  • When shopping online for cannabis, look for competitive pricing to save you some cash. 
  • Know the return policy before completing payment. Some dispensaries only offer final sales, and there may be a minimum amount for orders. 
  • Be sure you meet your province’s minimum age requirements. 

Ordering Recreational Marijuana Online Successfully

In Canada, it is easy to order recreational cannabis online if you know what you are doing. Following the steps we’ve outlined will help with making clear decisions to get you the product for the outcome you seek. 

Learn about the products offered, how payment is collected, and what delivery methods are used. Minimize risk by arming yourself with information and enjoy all the benefits of ordering cannabis with ease from the comfort of your own home. 

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