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Let’s Learn How To Use Marijuana For Insomnia

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Marijuana For Insomnia; Can Cannabis Make You Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

Can marijuana for insomnia help you sleep better?

We’ve all been there; you have an exam or an important work meeting lined up the next day, yet for some reason, no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot get to sleep. 

Insomnia is a common sleeping disorder that makes it hard for people to fall and stay asleep or causes them to wake up too early in the night, after which they hardly ever get back to sleep. 

This means they don’t get enough rest and may feel tired immediately after waking up. Insomnia is a rather frustrating condition to deal with as it saps out your energy, affects your peace of mind and slowly deteriorates your health. 

Let’s Look At The Data

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Insomnia significantly affects Canada, with about 35% of its population finding it hard to stay and fall asleep. 55% of all women in the country struggle with insomnia, and 20% of Canadians have found themselves nodding off while on the wheel. 

These statistics have certain implications. For one, failing to get enough sleep affects our overall productivity, which bleeds onto our school, work, and parental lives. It also makes it easier to make mistakes, errors, and accidents while at work or on the road, which may put us in grave danger. 

According to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, about 21% of crashes are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel, resulting in about 400 fatalities and 2,100 serious injuries.

If you’ve been finding it hard to fall asleep and are almost slipping into despair, you’re in the right place. In this feature, we’ll look at some of the simple ways you can combat insomnia, including introducing weed into your regimen. 

However, before we get into how weed can help with insomnia, let’s look at some of the causes of this disorder. 

What Are The Causes Of Insomnia?

There’s a difference between short term insomnia, which most adults experience from time to time, and long term insomnia, which tends to last for months. 

Short term insomnia lasts for anything from several days to one or two weeks. 

On the other hand, long term insomnia is more severe and has been found to cause anxiety and depression if not dealt with in time. 

That said, both these types of insomnia cause significant distress. 

Here are some of the factors that can cause insomnia: 

• Stress

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Constant stress has been found to cause insomnia among many people. Some of the things that may cause this stress are work-related issues, personal family difficulties, grief, or major injury. 

The body’s natural reaction to physical and mental stress is hyperarousal, which explains why people find it hard to go to sleep.

• Lifestyle Habits

Certain lifestyle habits may make it hard for you to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Some of these habits include: drinking too much alcohol or caffeine before bed or engaging in stimulating activities too close to bedtime. 

• Recent Traumatic Experience

An experience such as a burglary or accident may leave you traumatized and chronically stressed, thus susceptible to insomnia.

• Irregular Sleep Schedule

It’s advisable to go to bed at the same time every night as this helps maintain a healthy sleep cycle. Failing to keep up such a schedule is likely to contribute to insomnia as it keeps your body clock out of sync. 

• Poor Sleeping Habits

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Using your bed for work, eating, or watching TV may make it harder for you to fall asleep. Other poor sleeping habits include eating a heavy meal or looking at your mobile phone and other LED screens before bed.

• Physical Illness And Chronic Pain

Physical pain may keep you awake and make it almost impossible for you to fall asleep. Many people that suffer from other chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia may also find it hard to get enough rest. Toothaches are also a common cause of insomnia.

• Certain Medications

Insomnia may be a side effect of many different types of medications. These include antidepressants, blood pressure meds, and asthma medication. 

Certain drugs make you feel drowsy during the day, thereby throwing off your sleep schedule. If you’re predisposed to insomnia, ensure to ask your doctor if that’s a side effect you should worry about when taking new medication. 

Marijuana For Insomnia: Does It Work?

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Now that it’s legal to smoke marijuana in Canada, both medicinally and recreationally, people are turning to the holy herb to help enhance their lives and wellbeing. 

People are commonly using marijuana to combat conditions such as chronic pain, poor appetite, anxiety, and even insomnia. Smoking weed gets you feeling nice and sedated, making it easier for you to fall and stay asleep. 

While this is considered common knowledge, is it rooted in science? How is marijuana a cure for insomnia? 

Well, cannabis helps promote sleep in different ways. For example, low THC strains have been found to reduce stress levels. Since stress is a huge cause of insomnia, this helps go to sleep easier. 

THC is also known to increase adenosine levels in the body. This is a sleep-promoting hormone that inhibits arousal and causes sleepiness. 

This implies that THC can effectively be used as a sleep aid. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, introducing cannabis into your sleep schedule may make it easier to fall and stay asleep. 

We recommend trying a THC-CBD strain too, as CBD also has many qualities that help relieve stress and improve the quality of your sleep.

3 Of Our Best Marijuana Strains For Insomnia

At My Green Solution, we believe that marijuana does more than simply get you high. This is a plant that helps us improve our appetite and eating habits, deal with chronic pain and even control insomnia. Therefore, we’re committed to ensuring all our customers have access to high-quality cannabis. 

We run a mail order dispensary that makes it easier for you to order weed online in Canada and have it delivered to your doorstep. We sell a wide variety of strains, each created to yield different effects. 

These are some of the best marijuana strains for insomnia. 

1. Purple OG

Purple OG marijuana for insomnia relief. buy weed online in Canada.

Purple OG is a powerful strain that is commonly used for medicinal purposes. This strain is a heavy, potent indica that has been reported to help with stress, insomnia, pain, depression, and anxiety. 

It has a THC count of about 19%, making it ideal for use since higher concentrations of THC induce stimulation and sometimes even anxiety, making it hard to use before going to bed.

Many users have found Purple OG to bring about euphoria, happiness, sleep, and relaxation. If you’re looking to buy this strain for your insomnia, it’s possible to buy weed in Canada through our online dispensary.

2. Pink Kush

Pink Kush weed for a better sleep. buy weed online.

Like many other indicas, Pink Kush causes a heavy, sedative body high. Many people find that this makes them fall asleep, and if you have insomnia, that’s what you need. This strain is perfect for nighttime use, about 15 minutes to an hour before your bedtime. 

Pink Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid, allowing you to get the best of both sativa and indica. It contains about 18% to 23% THC; prepare to smoke a strain that will knock your socks off. 

Pink Kush is one of the more popular cannabis strains on the market today. You can order this strain online from the best online dispensary in Canada.

3. Granddaddy Purple

Buy weed Granddaddy Purple.

Grandaddy Purple is another hard-hitting indica strain that will easily leave you snoozing. This strain is a hybrid, allowing you to experience the benefits of sativa as well. It contains up to 23% THC and will set you up for a calming, relaxing high. 

Grandaddy Purple is an ideal strain to use before going to bed or after a long day at work. If you’ve been having problems going to bed and are wondering whether weed can help with insomnia, try Granddaddy Purple. We will ensure your order comes right to your doorstep. 

Buy Cannabis For Insomnia Online In Canada

If you live in Canada, it’s easy to get a steady supply of high-quality marijuana, provided you purchase from a reputable dispensary. Our online dispensary contains a wide variety of cannabis and cannabis products, including flowers, vapes, edibles, and extracts. 

We pride ourselves in stocking something for everybody. If you’re looking for a strain that will help keep you uplifted and energized, we’ve got it. If you’re looking for something to help you get to bed, we stock many indica strains for sleep. We also sell CBD oil for sleep

Remember, insomnia can affect your health, mental wellbeing, and overall energy levels, making you less productive at work. It can also pose a great risk to your life if you end up falling asleep at the wheel or while operating machinery at work. 

You should therefore do whatever it takes to ensure you’re getting enough rest, and trying some of our weed for sleep will be a great start.