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7 Stoner Friendly Activities You Can Do When Getting High In The Winter

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7 Indoor Activities To Try When High During The Winter

What are some of the things to do when high?

There’s so much more to smoking weed than getting high. Sure, that makes a great part of it, but today, many people are using marijuana to control their insomnia and appetite disorders, seek relief from painful symptoms, or simply clear their minds after a long day. 

Besides cannabis, people are also becoming more curious about magic mushrooms and other psychedelics. A lot of research is currently going into how these different plants can benefit human beings. 

Whether you’re a long-time cannabis smoker or are new to this magnificent herb, you know for sure how good weed is at turning mundane activities into fond memories. 

Everything is more fun after smoking weed, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to do when high with your friends. We’ve, therefore, compiled a list of a few things to do when high. 

Top Best Things To Do When High On Weed

1. Grab A Journal

writing in daily journal after buying weed online

This doesn’t sound like the most interesting thing to do while you’re high, but trust us, it is worth the while. Remember, the plan here is not to jot down a bunch of scattered, ‘deep’ weed thoughts that would make your friends laugh- though that is a great way to spend your time. 

Smoking weed allows most people to clear their minds and think about things from an objective perspective. It lowers your guard down, makes you less abrasive, and allows you to ruminate over issues from a neutral point of view. Therefore, it would help to consider situations when you’re in this mind state. 

Think about difficult tasks you need to accomplish, hurtful memories you need to get over, or even past loved ones and acquaintances you might owe an apology. 

Write any significant information that might arise in your journal, and commit to act on it when you’re off your couch. Next time you buy weed online, you should definitely try this. 

2. Listen To Music

Girl who is high on weed and listening to music with headphones

This should have started out the list. If you’re anything like most people, you enjoy listening to music and probably always have some going in the background. Well, what if we told you this already-great pastime could be even better?

Listening to music while high is one of the best things to do while you’re in the house during the winter. Some people feel anxious and paranoid when they’ve smoked weed, and music helps with this. 

For one, it acts as an external stimulus that gets you more focused on what’s going on around you than the paranoid thoughts running through your head. 

Listening to a playlist you’ve come to love is also a great way of staving off anxiety since it triggers a sense of familiarity and comfort, leaving you more relaxed and at peace. This is what makes it one of the many cool things to do when high.

3. Read A Book

Reading a book while high at home. Buy weed online. things to do when high.

The next time you order weed online in Canada, try getting a read from your favorite book or genre.

We know what you’re thinking: whose middle-aged dad made this list? Hear us out, though. Reading while stoned is one of the best ways to spend your evening in winter. Although some people find it hard to focus and would rather spend their high cloud gazing, this activity could be quite fulfilling.

Reading while high makes the imagery more vivid and creates the foundation for a more immersive reading experience. Many people also find it easier to tune out the noise and get lost in the book they’re reading. 

If you’re locked inside on a cold Saturday in the winter, cuddled up under a blanket, bored almost to tears, some good weed and a good book could save the day. We all need an escape from reality at some point.

4. Start A Fire

Sleeping in bed in front of fireplace. buy weed online. things to do when high on weed.

Marijuana, like other ‘drugs,’ alters your sense of being and makes your senses perceive reality differently. 

That’s why the breeze feels different when you’re high, and a lukewarm shower feels like magic. It’s also why everything tastes better after you’ve smoked a joint or two, and the most average song sounds like a smash. 

And while all these are enjoyable, nothing beats the enveloping warmth you feel when you have a fire going- more so when you’re high on weed. 

If you’re one of those badasses who love camping out in the wild, in the dead of winter, well, you’re going to have to build a fire. If you’re camping with your friends, it won’t hurt to smoke a joint or two to get the stories and appetites going. 

5. Watch Cartoons, Or A Movie, With No Sound On

Weed elevates the visual experience, making an already-great movie even better. Popping on an old movie may be a great way of seeing how people lived in other generations, and when you’re high, every detail is fascinating. 

The camerawork, color-grading, scoring, etc., there’s a lot to be experienced when watching movies. There’s also a lot to be pondered over, and is there a better time to do it than when blasted out of your skull? This is why it’s one of everyone’s best things to do while stoned. 

That said, we have a much better activity than watching movies: well, still watching movies but with the sound off, perhaps with some music playing instead. The music and the film almost always tend to sync up, acting as each other’s accompaniment. 

This allows you to contemplate whatever might be happening in the movie, which will lead your mind wandering in all sorts of directions. 

We’ll tell you this, though- it’s hilarious watching an actor passionately say their lines when you can’t hear what they’re saying. Try this out the next time you buy weed online in Canada, and let’s know how it goes!

6. Get Things Done

If you have some tasks you’ve been putting off for days or even weeks and are wondering what to do when you’re stoned, now would be a great time to check them off your to-do list. 

Chores, for instance, are exceptionally fun to do when high. You could, therefore, order weed online in preparation for all the cleaning you need to do during the weekend or when you need to sort out a garage full of stuff. 

When you’re doing simple repetitive tasks that don’t need much concentration and brain power, feel free to smoke as much as you want. 

For example, if you’re cleaning the dishes, folding clothes, or even cleaning the house, smoking some weed and listening to music will help make these tasks feel less boring. No promises, but you might even end up enjoying it!

7. Work On A Creative Project

We saved the best for last. 

You’ve definitely seen videos of rappers and musicians getting a few puffs of their favorite weed while in the studio, working on some music. Some artists and actors are also known to love smoking some weed to get in the zone. 

Whether you make music, paint, make clothes or write, the wintertime is a great season to follow your inspiration and get lost in your creativity. Weed helps a lot with that. Strains such as Sour Diesel are known to leave users feeling happy and euphoric, a combination that lends itself perfectly to creative expression. This makes it the perfect thing to do while stoned.

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