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Strain Review: Nuken

Nuken Strain Review

Only a few strains come with a more misleading name than Nuken. 

When you hear the name, your first thoughts are probably floating around getting nuked to the ground and being only able to smile and watch the world drift by while munching on snacks.

But when you try Nuken for the first time, you’ll realize how wrong you’ve been for that entire time.

Despite the images of assaults and bombardments the Nuken name brings to one’s mind, the strain actually provides one of the best-balanced types of high. Consuming Nuken is all about mild euphoria and a moderate energy boost that makes it a great choice to enjoy throughout the day.

If you’re just started exploring different marijuana strains, this one is a true gem, both for novice and experienced users alike.

So, don’t be scared of its name, but treat this flower with the right dose of respect.

In this strain review, we shed more light on Nuken, its aromas, flavors, effects, and medical benefits.

The Origins of Nuken

Nuken is a purebred indica strain created by Canadian growers. It’s a result of crossing an afghani strain called Kish — a cross between two Shishkaberry phenotypes) and God Bud. Despite its powerful lineage, Nuken won’t make you feel couch-locked as long as you consume it in moderation. The high is undeniably potent, but Nuken usually provides the user with enough energy to be able to enjoy hobbies and daily chores with a big smile on your face.

The Origins of Nuken

The Appearance of Nuken

As a 100% indica, Nuken is a lovely flower to stare at. The “wow” factor lies in its lustrous deep green nuggets that are dense, compact, and sticky. The buds have plenty of orange pistils and the whole strain is covered in a decent blanket of translucent trichomes. Once you break up a small piece of it, you won’t believe how much weed comes out of it.

The Fragrances and Flavors of Nuken

Opening the jar of Nuken immediately makes the user immediately notified of the aromas filled with sweet herbs and spices, redolent of peppermint and tea leaves when ground. There’s also a slight hint of roasted earth if you take the second waft.

When inhaled, Nuken’s fragrances carry over to its flavors. But on the exhale, the smoke can mildly irritate the upper sinuses with its earthy flavors spiced by hints of lemon, lime juice, and pepper.

The Effects of Nuken

The Nuken marijuana strain has a stellar reputation for a good reason. Similar to most indica flowers, the high is creeper, starting off with a mild head rush and a delicate tingling above the eyebrows.

Consuming a joint filled with Nuken brings the feelings of mild euphoria that is more focused in the head than in the body. After a while, you should start getting relaxed, more elevated, and focused. This allows for normal functioning throughout the day while melting away any stress and worries that might bother you at that time.

There’s also a possibility of experiencing a short couch-lock phase that is later followed by the willingness to engage in inspiring conversations rather than sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing.

Our favorite feature of the Nuken strain is the duration of its high. No matter how much you eat after consuming the bud, the high won’t get weaker — the effect is very consistent according to reviews from other users.

It’s over when Nuken says it’s over.

Medical Uses of the Nuken Marijuana Strain

The well-balanced high and remarkable relaxing effects make Nuken a great strain for both mental and physical conditions.

For instance, its invigorating and mildly euphoric high can improve one’s reaction to stress, reduce anxiety, ease racing thoughts, and ease the symptoms of trauma or depression. Nuken is a particularly valuable strain given the fast-paced era we live in.

In addition, the body high you experience during the later stages of the high may prove beneficial for patients with chronic pain, inflammatory disorders, and muscle spasms. At higher doses, Nuken starts to exert sedating effects on the body and brain, making it a decent choice for insomnia sufferers.

Potential Side Effects of Nuken

Potential Side Effects of Nuken

Nuken has 21% THC on average, although some batches has scored as high as 25% in lab tests, so it’s quite a potent flower. However, its potency doesn’t translate to a couch-locking high or something that could elevate anxiety or induce paranoia. Even new consumers describe Nuken as surprisingly mild when it comes to its psychoactive effects.

Just as all cannabis strains, Nuken can give you red eyes and dry mouth. If you consider the munchies a side effect, then make sure you have something to satisfy your cravings at hand, or at least eat a hearty meal before your sesh with this strain.

Consuming too much Nuken has been reported to produce a strong body stone and a sensation of tiredness. Instead of getting anxious, most users just take a nap after going overboard with this flower.

Fortunately, there’s a foolproof way to avoid the aforementioned side effects — just smoke your bud responsibly and don’t force yourself to test your limits.

Final Thoughts on the Nuken Marijuana Strain

Nuken is a truly unique and intriguing strain. If you enjoy a well-balanced high and a nice mix of physical and cerebral effects, you simply can’t miss out on trying it. The impressive genetic lineage of Nuken, as well as its mouth watering aromas and flavors, make it a top-notch variety for both savvy consumers and those who have just set foot in the world of marijuana strain hunters.

In our opinion, Nuken is best suited for consumption in the afternoon. As the day leans more towards the evening, its mellow and euphoric nature will take hold and dominate over the initial cerebral stimulation. If you want to smoke Nuken in the morning, make sure to start from lower doses so that you don’t awaken its full indica potential.

What was your first time with Nuken like? Share your stories in the comment section!