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Top 10 Cannabis Business Social Networks

Top 10 Cannabis Business Social Networks

If you’re thinking about launching a cannabis business, it’s essential that you know your marketplace, your potential business partners, competitors, and investors to stay ahead of other aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, sometimes, it’s easier said than done, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Worry not, we’re here to help you out.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 cannabis business social networks that will help you grow your brand.

Let’s get started!

1. WeedLife

WeedLife is a relatively new cannabis social network that still has several bugs, but that doesn’t stop a fair number of people from signing up and joining the platform every day. 

WeedLife features a news feed style similar to the one from Facebook — but dedicated exclusively for the cannabis industry. The platform is full of marijuana videos, businesses, education, growing tips, and more.

Of course, this cannabis social media network still needs much work but it’s one of the best platforms for marijuana smokers who want to meet other people interested in launching the business in the industry.

2. WeedCircles

Looking for a cannabis business social network that combines the features of Google Plus and LinkedIn? Then WeedCircles is the best place to sign up.

This social media platform is free to register and features thousands of marijuana companies as well as professionals looking for opportunities to develop their skills. If you run a cannabis business, you can add your details to WeeCircles and reach out to other cannapreneurs or potential employees.


3. CannaSoS

CannaSoS is hands down the fastest growing cannabis social networks. Designed both for private users and businesses, the website features an impressive library of cannabis strains, products, and reviews.

CannaSOS is also a place where you can find FAQs about weed and new friends. They have a rapidly growing community of marijuana users looking to connect online. You can join groups and connect with professionals in niche-specific subjects.

As of right now, CannaSOS scores over 400,000 total visitors monthly and they have a large number of followers on their social media channels. The best thing about this cannabis business social network is that you can review database with thousands of cannabis strains with details about each variety, cannabinoid ratios, effects, aromas, and more.

4. 420 Magazine Forum

While not a cannabis business network per se, the forums at the 420 magazine website are widely active and an amazing place to find business owners who are eager to share their experience with novice entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of forums to choose from, such as how to grow marijuana, political discussions, and marijuana business news from around the world. With thousands of active members, 420 Magazine Forums has a great potential to help new business owners get a better understanding of virtually every branch of the industry.

5. MJ Link

MJ Link is a specifically designed cannabis business social network. As the name may lead you to expect, it’s LinkedIn for marijuana entrepreneurs and professionals.

At MJ Link, you’ll find a diversified network of cannabis manufacturers, growers, lawyers, marketers, sellers, and much, much more. It’s currently one of the greatest places to reach out to prospects if you’re a cannabis entrepreneur.

Along with its partner site WeedLife, MJ Link brings over 2.6 million users monthly, and while it’s not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it’s a significant part of the green industry.


6. LeafWire

LeafWire is a cannabis business network connecting investors with startups and entrepreneurs who want to start their weed business. If you need funding for your brilliant idea, this is the best place for you. 

LeafWire is also a major spot to network with other professionals on the market. Many people growing their careers in the cannabis industry have found their jon via this platform.

In our opinion, this is one of the greatest social networks for any marijuana entrepreneur

7. Massroots

As one of the first cannabis business social networks, MassRoots gathers over 1,000,000 cannabis users with its app. They make it easy to register your business and get mentioned on their list, allowing thousands of people to find you.

Massroots is also an online library of cannabis strains and products, and even delivers the latest news from the industry to consumers, so this platform is a win-win for everybody.

8. WeedMaps

Similar to Massroots, WeedMaps is one of the largest online communities for cannabis. Many aficionados use it daily to find local dispensaries and cannabis stores. Not only that, but WeedMaps also features tons of reviews of strains, brands, and other insights where users can share their experiences and images.

This platform is particularly useful for dispensaries. If you own a dispensary and want to reach more customers, simply register your business on WeedMaps and show them you’re here. Many people choose WeedMaps as their go-to source of information when it comes to choosing a dispensary.


9. Duby

Duby was originally designed as a social networks for anonymous cannabis users who didn’t want to get fired from their jobs due to posting about marijuana. Many traditional platforms discriminate cannabis users simply because the herb remains illegal on the federal level. With Duby, this isn’t a problem.

Duby also has a very handy mobile app — It has been featured in mainstream media (i.e. CNBC, Fortune). On top of its social core, the platform makes it easy for weed businesses to market themselves to their customers.

10. WeedTube

As the name suggests, WeedTube is the answer to YouTube’s backwards policies surrounding channels run by cannabis users. Many accounts that have been doing a great job for the community were banned because of a misguided algorithm, so it’s no wonder many of them decided to go against the online media giant and transitioned to the WeedTube. Similar to YouTube, entrepreneurs and their brands can reach out to influencers for paid promotion on their videos.

What are your favorite cannabis business social networks? Share your thoughts!

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