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Top 8 Stealth Smoking Devices

Top 8 Stealth Smoking Devices

As cannabis gains more recognition as a versatile medicine and a relatively safe recreational substance, the industry is blooming with new companies selling various smoking accessories.

After all, smoking cannabis is the oldest consumption method, dating as far back as ancient China and India.

Smoking devices come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs — from stealth accessories to scientific-like paraphernalia.

If you’ve been smoking cannabis for some time already, you know that nothing can beat the luxury of puffing in nature. But what if you can’t (or just don’t want to) take your favorite bong every time you’re on the go?

What if you want to stay low-profile with consuming your herbs?

This is where stealth smoking devices come into play.

Join us and explore some of the most low-key units you can use to comfortably enjoy your weed.

1. Spoon Pipe

The majority of stealth devices we’ve put on this list are pipes. That’s because they’re the most portable and discreet tools you can use for smoking weed.

A spoon pipe — as the name suggests — has a bowl that looks like an actual spoon. You can pack the bowl according to your needs; some bowls are less capacious, others can hold an impressive amount of ground herb, but the bigger the bowl, the less stealth your device is.

2. Sherlock Pipe

If you want to go in a full-incognito mode, we recommend buying a sherlock pipe. As you may guess, a sherlock pipe resembles the one used by Sherlock Holmes himself. Normally, you’d fill a Sherlock pipe with a generous amount of tobacco, but it may very well hold a nice amount of your stash.

Sherlock Pipe

3. Bubbler Pipe

A bubbler pipe combines the portability of a hand pipe with some percolation provided by bongs. Aside from its standard compartments — the mouthpiece, stem, and bowl — a bubbler pipe features two more elements.

It’s the bubbler and the carb. 

The bubbler is where the water filtration takes place. This small chamber is designed to hold just enough water to produce bubbling. 

The carb is a small hole on the side of the pipe that serves for capturing the smoke inside the chamber. The user closes the carb with their finger, releasing it once enough smoke has gathered in the bubbler.

Some bubbler pipes out there are very discreet — look for smaller models that don’t draw much attention.

4. One-Hitter

The one-hitter pipe is the ultimate stealth smoking device. Once forgotten by the community, it’s now living its redemption story. There’s a plethora of one-hitter pipes available both locally and online in different styles.

But what is a one-hitter in the first place?

Well, staying true to its name, the one-hitter allows you to pack just enough weed to take a single hit and throw the combusted weed away once you’re done.

Don’t be fooled by their size — one-hitter pipes can pack a punch despite their inconspicuous appearance.

5. Joint Bubbler

Joint bubblers are now trending among cannabis enthusiasts because they add water filtration to smoking a joint — giving them the best of both worlds.

Think of these stealth smoking devices as small adapters where you attach the doobie. Once there, you just light the joint up, and start inhaling through the bubbler’s mouthpiece. 

Similar to the bubbler pipe, joint bubblers have carbs on their back or side. The moment you think you’ve pulled enough smoke into the bubbler’s chamber, release the carb and inhale the smoke.

Aside from filtering the smoke from toxic substances, joint bubblers cool it, making it smoother and reducing the chance of coughing. It’s also the best method for drawing out more flavor from a joint without having to smoke pure weed from a bowl.

Joint Bubbler

6. Stealth Pipe

No list of stealth smoking devices would be complete without the stealth pipe.

Stealth pipes are a pipe category on their own, although they can actually take any pipe form out there. 

In other words, a stealth pipe looks like anything but a pipe. It may resemble a cigarette, pendrive, lighter, pen, screwdriver, and virtually anything that has a structure similar to a pipe.

7. Fruit Pipe

Here’s a treat if you want a DIY stealth smoking device — a fruit pipe. You can make a pipe out of any “meaty” fruit, such as apples, watermelon, pumpkin, bananas, and more.

While smoking from a banana or watermelon may turn some heads in public, doing the same using an apple is a much more discreet option.

Most of the time, you’ll need a knife or screwdriver to poke the necessary holes in your fruit and carve out the bowl so that you can pack your weed somewhere.


You bet.


Like heaven!

Of course, we suggest that you don’t eat the fruit after smoking from it — by “delicious” we meant the smoke.

8. Twisty Glass Blunt

This modern stealth smoking device is a bit expensive, but it does its job pretty well. It’s a spiral inside a glass tube to store your weed and ac as a blunt. It can store a couple grams inside, allows you to hit as much as you like, and store the rest of your stash for later.

How does the Twisty Glass Blunt work?

It’s pretty simple. You need to load your herb without the spiral in, and put the spiral back in the tube while rotating to reseat it.

The glass blunt is also very easy to use. Once you’ve filled the tube with your herb and attached the spiral, you can light it up and start inhaling. Just treat it like a normal joint or pipe but without the need to constantly refill it or roll a new joint each time you want to smoke your stash.

The only irritating thing about this stealth smoking device is the cleaning part. Cleaning any smoking gear is far from pleasant, and Twisty Glass Blunt follows the same pattern. The best way to clean it is to remove the silicone ends and o-ring, and throw the rest of the “blunt” into a cleaning solution made from isopropyl alcohol and water.

What are your favorite stealth smoking devices? Share your thoughts!

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