Your Canada Mail Order Weed Winter Wellness Guide – Top Goods to Try!

canadian mail order weed

It’s that time of year again when we all say ‘new year, new me’ with resolutions for improved wellness. Whether you’re seeking to improve your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual wellness – it’s likely there’s a Canada weed strain or product that will help. That’s also likely available at a dispensary online for convenience and discretion purposes. 

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate Canada mail order weed winter wellness guide. Keep reading to learn more about weed’s benefits for wellness, and the top goods to try this 2022. 

Weed Wellness Benefits 

If you’ve ever consumed before… you know how good weed can make you feel. But with modern research and compiling evidence, now we know that cannabis actually does produce effects that can improve wellness. In fact, the plant’s cannabinoids directly interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system primarily responsible for maintaining ‘homeostasis’. 

A scientific term that describes the overall balance of physiological systems consequently producing the overall feeling of ‘feeling well’. So what are some of the most influential benefits of weed for wellness that come from these unique interactions internally? 

From anecdotal evidence, and early research we know weed has the power to – 

  1. Relieve stress & anxiety 
  2. Uplift moods
  3. Soothe pain 
  4. Increase focus & creativity 
  5. Improves sleep
  6. And more 

With the heightened stress and anxiety of our ‘new normal’ in light of the pandemic – taking the time for self-care and personal wellness has never been trending more. And incorporating weed into the refreshed wellness routines, is just as popular. Shown by a report that cannabis sales in Ontario increased by 600% in May of 2020 when a ‘state of emergency’ was declared. 

But if you’re new to the world of cannabis wellness, where should you begin? Let’s explore our guide of the top picks for Canada mail order weed wellness. 

Top Products for Wellness 2022 

So, without further adieu – here are some of our favorite wellness products, why they’re beneficial and how to add them to your current routines. 

#1 – Canada Cannabis Vapes

Canada cannabis vapes provide a simple, scentless and pure way to consume the highest levels of potency in a discrete manner for wellness. Vapes are made from extracted oil that’s produced by the plant’s resin glands. Meaning, THC levels are higher than normal flower and typically 75%+. 

With strain-specific effects, you can pick and choose what type of wellness benefits you hope to achieve with your choice. For instance, if you’re planning on journaling or reading a book, an introspective and clear-headed buzz might be most ideal. Like the Cannabis Vapes Canada company Hooti Extract’s Harlequin CBD option

#2 – Canadian Edibles 

There’s no better compliment to self-care routines and activities than Canadian edibles, widely available on Canada Mail Order Marijuana sites. But it’s important to know that edibles do vary greatly from the effects of vapes, or good ol’ traditional flower. That’s because THC and other cannabinoids are metabolized by the digestive system instead. This means it takes effects longer to kick in (about 45 min – 1 hour), and they last longer (4-6 hours) too. 

With more potent effects, Canadian edibles can help improve wellness by helping you completely relax and unwind. Or, take on the task of working out or getting physically fit during the day, with the energizing effects of sativa dominant edibles. Canada mail order weed edibles are available in low doses, high doses, and a variety of flavors for you to further customize which one is right for you, and your wellness routine. 

#3 – THC Capsules Canada Made 

For wellness, many of us already consume vitamins or supplements that improve the way we feel from the inside out. But did you know, there are now THC Capsules Canada residents can add into their routines? Also available in varied CBD:THC ratios, indica and sativa blends, extractors now have the technology to encapsulate THC and other plant compounds into swallowable capsules. 

Since when swallowing the capsule, its effect onset and duration will be similar to that of an edible. But without the extra calories, in case you’re being health-conscious for wellness and without inhaling, for health reasons, too. Like vapes, capsules are one of the purest ways to consume cannabis’ beneficial cannabinoids without flower material, or additional ingredients. And can be ideal for taking before a spa retreat, massage, or each morning to keep your mood and comfortability well-balanced. 

#4 – Canada Weed Strains 

Last but not least, there’s a variety of Canada weed strains that stun when it comes to wellness benefits. Again, with the choice of indica strains, hybrid strains, or sativa strains, you can best select which type of effects will suit your wellness activity best. When shopping a dispensary online, it’s best to read the full description or do your own research on the type of flower you’re buying to fine-tune its benefits for you. 

Rolling up a joint, packing a bong, or puffing on a blunt is one of the most classic ways to achieve overall wellness. If you’re seeking relaxing nighttime effects to fall asleep faster or relieve pain and stress from the day, Master Kush Ultra or Runtz x F1 Durb x Gushers may be best. Or, if you’re looking for something new in the morning to stimulate your creative energy, and motivation for tasks, try sativa dominant hybrids like Bruce Banner or Pink Grapefruit Haze

#5 – Best Cannabis Tinctures 

The use of tinctures go way back, and are one of the oldest forms of holistic medicine. In today’s modern world of wellness, consumers are using the best cannabis tincture brands to infuse into their everyday smoothies or tea, for health and wellness benefits. Tinctures are ideal for consumers who want to boost their mood or soothe aches and pains without lighting up.

Canada Mail Order Weed Made Easy 
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At MGS our motto is – “Everyone has problems, we have solutions!”. Especially when it comes to improving wellness routines with high-quality Canada mail order marijuana. Check out our extensive collection of top-shelf goods now, and be sure to look at each product’s unique set of icons for ‘common usage’ and ‘common effects’ for specialized wellness effects.